How to Erase Under Eye Wrinkles


The natural beauty of your eyes, are ruined by the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and the formation of bags under the eyes.

The skin under the eyes is one of the most delicate areas of the body.

As the skin in this region is extremely thin and delicate, fine lines appear faster here. Stress, smoking and constant rubbing of the eyes can only accelerate the formation of these wrinkles.

There are many expensive creams which promise to zap the unsightly wrinkles away.
But unfortunately these commercially produced eye creams are loaded with chemicals.

There are many natural ingredients out there which help to smoothen out these under eye wrinkles in a gentle manner. The following recipes have no adverse side effects and if used on a regular basis will help to restore the beauty of your eyes.

Jojoba Oil and Beeswax Eye Wrinkle Cream

In a small saucepan heat three teaspoons of jojoba oil with an equal quantity of apricot kernel oil and one teaspoon of beeswax. Ensure that the oils and beeswax are heated over an extremely low flame.

Once the ingredients have melted and blended, remove saucepan from the fire. Let the mixture cool and then add five teaspoons of rose water which has been warmed in a similar manner.

Allow the mixture to cool again before adding a quarter teaspoon of borax powder. Now vigorously mix the ingredients and infuse five drops of carrot seed oil to this concoction. Once the ingredients have cooled down thoroughly transfer the contents to a clean and airtight glass container.

Cocoa Butter and Petroleum Jelly under Eye Cream

In a microwave heat a glass bowl containing two tablespoons each of cocoa butter, petroleum jelly and coconut oil for about fifteen seconds. Wait for about ten seconds before repeating the procedure. Once the mixture has reached a semi liquid stage pour it into a clean glass container. Apply this salve under the eyes regularly.

Hazelnut Oil and Borage Seed Oil Eye Serum

In a narrow mouthed glass container mix two tablespoons of hazelnut oil with six drops of borage seed oil and three drops each of chamomile and carrot seed essential oil. Use a few drops of this oil to erase under eye wrinkles.