How To Entertain Your Kids While Cooking Dinner

How To Entertain Your Kids While Cooking Dinner

How To Entertain Your Kids While Cooking Dinner Parents of young kids have tough time managing them and doing household work at the same time. Especially when it’s cooking time, you need to give some attention to the food you cook.

If you don’t, all that you serve at the dinner table is some burnt and charred stuff that your family can keep a guessing competition on as to what the item could actually be. But then, keeping your kids busy and entertained while you cook with attention and peace is not a child’s play. For those distressed parents we present some tips on how you can keep your children entertained while you cook dinner.

Involve Them In The Cooking Activity

Most kids want to be treated like adults and as a result are more than happy to help out just about anyone when one needs help. They feel important to be able to help someone which gives them a satisfaction and makes them happy. So let them help you in cooking dinner.

Do not ask or allow them to involve themselves in any part of cooking which can hurt them or injure them. Keep them away from knives, fire and hot utensils so that they don’t burn their hands or legs or cut themselves. They can do some mixing in a bowl, stir the food you are cooking, read out recipes for you, etc where there is no scope of getting hurt. Kids would love to participate in this activity.

Let Them Play In The Sink

Certain games and things seem so simple that they make us wonder how they can interest someone. But for kids these same dull things are tremendously interesting and exciting. One such thing is playing in the sink. All that you need to do is fill the sink with plain or soapy water (as your kids like it) and leave tiny boats, men or other such little toys in the water.

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You can even put some regular use stuff like measuring spoons and cups. You will be surprised to see how that keeps your little ones interested and engaged. Kids can play in the sink for hours without any complain and you can have all your time to cook the favorite meal for dinner.

Give Them Play Dough

Most parents are aware of play dough. If you are not then let’s introduce you to something that gets almost any kid on the planet engaged and entertained. Play Dough is basically a box that contains things like home made play dough of various colors, cookie cutters, small rolling ping, plastic knives, etc. It somehow manages to catch and keep the attention of the kids and kids are mostly glued to it for the entire time that you let them play with it. You can even give them some real items from your kitchen to play with along with their Play Dough.

Craft Bucket Is A Good Idea

Let the artistic side of your baby come alive with craft bucket. Let your kids cut, draw, glue and create masterpieces while you cook your dinner in complete harmony with yourself. You can keep your eyes on your kids throughout and even help them with some advice or direction when they need them.

Your Cooking Time Is Your Kid’s Laptop Time

Bring your laptop in your kitchen and let your kids play computer games in it till you finish cooking dinner. If they need help to understand or play, make your help available to them. There is no danger of your kid being hurt, cutting hands, making the entire place dirty or messy and yet they are fully engaged and entertained. So it’s a complete win-win situation for both you and your kids.