How to Ensure Your Shoes Last Longer

A woman is known as a shoe collector. Every woman who loves to groom herself is known for her passion for shoes. Women spend a huge part of their annual income in shoes and since their investment is so high it is only fair that she takes care of her shoes in order to make them last as long as possible.

Is that possible? Of course, nothing is impossible I tell you. If you want to make your shoes last longer then follow these few guidelines that I have to share.

The first rule of shoe care is not to wear the same pair for 2 consecutive days. The shoes need time to breathe and air out for 24 hours before you wear them. This is one of the best ways to make your shoes last longer.

Those women who drive need to avoid doing so it their heels. Keep a pair of flat shoes or flip flops in your car and drive around in them. When you drive in your heels you risk breaking them and the safest way to prevent that is to change your shoes while driving.

If you wear a pair of leather shoes on a wet day and during winter you must ensure that your shoes dry off completely before you put them away or wear them the next time. Wipe off the shoes and polish them after they get dry.

Replace the heels on the shoes every year in order to maintain and prolong the life of the heels. You can also add metal tips to stilettos in order to strengthen them.

Wipe your shoes well after you wear them. When you place your shoes in your closet they must be layered out well and neatly. Placing shoes on top of each other will damage the soles of the shoes as well as the body of the shoes that are placed below.

Shoes can be refinished and dyed if you notice them loosing color or if you notice patching or signs of aging.

The life of your shoes depends on how you treat them. If you love them and care for them then they will serve you longer; however if you don’t give your shoes the care and attention that they deserve you will end up damaging your shoes and ending their life.