How To Enjoy A Sexy Valentine’s Day

How To Enjoy A Sexy Valentine's Day Valentine day is a special occasion for love-making and couples should look forward to make it memorable. This article discusses practical tips on how to make your valentine day special.

Red Underwear To Begin Sexy Valentine Day

You should wear white underwear on Valentine day and it should have the red colored love symbol as a design on it. You should expose it and walk in front of her.

Make Her A Princess On Valentine Day

You should keep a big saving in hand and you should take her to her favorite holiday spot and then you should pamper her with gifts. After buying her a gift, you should kiss her in public and if she is shy you should kiss her on cheek when no one is watching. You should hold her hands while walking and you should treat her like a princess the same way you used to treat her in the early days of marriage.

Try Different Outfits On Your Valentine Day

You should encourage her to wear different outfits . For example, if she is an American woman, she can try Latin American or Asian style of dress wearing on Valentine day. She can wear Indian style saree or Spanish skirt. She can also go for Arabic style purdah wearing revealing only her eyes and that would also make her appearance sexier. You should also try various outfits from different parts of world. You can go for Mexican style hat wearing and other outfits that would impress her.

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Go For Oral Sex This Day

Valentine day is a day for celebrating each other bodies and you should try various positions in oral sex. You should go for mutual masturbation and you should aim at pleasuring each other. You should aim at pleasuring all her body parts and should not concentrate only on her erogenous zones.Go for cold desserts this day and you should pour it over each other’s body and should enjoy licking at each other.

Start wearing small roll-on condoms in your finger and stimulate her clitoris and vaginal area. The gap between vagina and rectum is a powerful stimulant area and it should get the needed attention from your side.

Wash Car Together Naked

You should wash car together at midnight fully naked and you should rub car body while she lies on front hood of car and would masturbate based on your car washing. Then you should exchange positions and make her wash the car while you masturbate for her based on her car wash. Afterwards you can have the sex inside car and make a good beginning to Valentine day.

Do Shadow Dance

You should do shadow dance with her on Valentine day and make it sexier. You should put light in your bedroom in one corner and you should stand naked in that part. Your shadow should fall in front of your wife and make her see you naked in the wall. Ask her to rub her naked body in shadow and ask her to kiss it. You should repeat the process by exchanging roles and then you should have the sex with her.