How To Enhance Blonde Hair

How To Enhance Blonde Hair

How To Enhance Blonde Hair It is said that hairs are one of best accessories of a woman. She can change her looks frequently by changing her hair styles. Similarly, by changing the color of hairs also, looks can be changed.

For example, many women are found having blonde hairs. Even if a woman does not have natural blonde hairs, she can use hair color or dye for making them look blonde. However, if proper care of blonde hairs is not taken, these can spoil the looks also. On the other hand, there are certain steps that can be taken for enhancing blonde hairs, which provide great stunning looks.

Steps for Enhancing Blonde Hairs

For enhancing blonde hairs, there are certain requirements that should be fulfilled. For example, color depositing shampoo and conditioner, apple cider vinegar, chamomile, lavender, calendula, thyme, lemon juice, henna and saffron are some of substances that are commonly used for enhancing blonde hairs.

Washing hairs with color-depositing shampoo is considered as one of the easiest steps for increase beauty of blonde hairs. These shampoos are easily available at cosmetic supply stores. If a woman wishes, she can also make her own blond hair enhancing hair rinse. For this purpose, chamomile, apple cider, turmeric, vinegar and calendula are mixed in a pan.

This mixture is then boiled for few minutes. It is then allowed to cool. After cooling, this mixture is poured in a jar and is stored in a refrigerator. For increasing shine of hairs, lavender and thyme can also be added to this mixture. Whenever required, this mixture is applied to clean and damp hairs. This mixture should be used as last rinse and is not removed from hairs. Rather, it is allowed to dry for having lustrous and beautiful blonde hairs.

There are some natural ingredients that can be used for adding highlights to blonde hairs. For example, saffron, oat straw and licorice root can be used for this purpose. Two teaspoons for dried oat straw and licorice root each are mixed in a small pan. A pinch of saffron is also added to this mixture.

It is then boiled for ten to fifteen minutes and is allowed to cool. Herbs are strained out and mixture is poured into a container. For adding highlights, this mixture is applied to hairs and left for three to four hours before rinsing with water. When used regularly, application of this mixture leads to perfectly highlighted blonde hairs.

Some women also use lemon juice for highlighting their blonde hairs. One or two days before the occasion, lemon juice is sprayed on hairs. Rest of work is done by sunrays and beauty of blonde hairs increase considerably. Some women also like to have a touch of red on their blonde hairs. For this purpose, henna can be used. Henna and water are mixed in a container and left for five to six hours.

This mixture is then applied to hairs and left for one of two hours. Afterwards, hairs are rinsed with water and conditioned. Apart from above, blonde hairs can be highlight by following some makeup tips also. For example, by using neutral eye shadow and lipstick, blonde hairs can be highlighted effectively.