How to Encourage Your Child To Start Reading

Reading is one of the most educative hobbies and if you get your child to inculcate the habit of reading, then there will be worlds that will get opened for him/her.

It is one of those habits which once acquired will last forever.

One of the finest ways to encourage your child to read is by setting yourself as an example and read in front of them. Your interest in books in your leisure time will automatically persuade your child to start reading.

Be supportive and always make books accessible and available. Ensure that the books are in sight and within reach. In case of an environment where there are people who read, the child will be influenced to take up the habit.

Ensure that books are gifted on birthdays and holidays. This makes them special and ensure that they are not knowledge downloads but interesting. Let the child like them and develop an interest in them.

Make reading seem a lot of fun. Act out stories and make character voices while you read them to the child. There is nothing better for a kid to see a story come out alive and also it will help the child to imagine things better and this will also lead to an independent thinking that will assist your child in developing his/her own interests and explore them.

Television is a major distraction for kids and its presence eats time up. Neither is or was watching television very constructive. If you are able to persuade your child away from television, and introduce him/her to reading instead, then not only will a constructive habit be developed, but also your child will not waste much time.

Comic books and magazines are the best ways to introduce reading and inculcating the habit as well. Comic books and magazines do not have comprehensive information and they are a light read. They are able to generate interest and keep the readers riveted.

So choose the exciting of all magazines and comics for your child and it will make it really easy for your child to develop the reading habit. The chapter books are easy to read as the story portions are segregated. Following these tips regularly will yield positive results.