How To Easily Apply Red Lipstick

How To Easily Apply Red Lipstick

How To Easily Apply Red Lipstick Lip color trends make their entries and exits.  Fashion trends adopt lip colors and then let it go. Glosses take the lime light but then lose it. But what never goes away, is the red lips. How many times have you actually wanted to wear red?

Honestly when you see the Dior or Chanel models flaunting their blood red lips with such grace, don’t you wish to have the same level of confidence to wear red? Are you also in love with vampires? Do you love to see the beautiful vampires with blood red lips and immaculate face, and wish to look beautiful like that?

Most of us do. But we are usually not brave enough to wear them as the very idea intimidates us. Most of us know that red lips are forever. They can never be out of fashion and would never cease to be equated with bold and beautiful women. Even if we do find our right shade, we somehow cannot make it right. Putting on red lipstick is a bit of a task but it is indeed not rocket science.

All you need is a little time since red tends to be a bit unforgiving. Start with your foundation. Since red is a bright color, the attention would be towards your face and any flaw would be magnified, if not taken care of. After you are done with your base makeup, put on a little lip balm on your lips.

After a while, wipe off the lip balm with a piece of cloth. Then, dab on a bit of foundation on and around your lips. The foundation would even out your lip tone. Dab a little compact powder or loose powder on your lips. This would actually erase out your lips. Yes, we would have neat red lips. This is crucial as this would ensure that the lip color does not look different on your lips than it actually is.

Now take a lip liner pencil closest to your natural lip color or in a nude color and outline your lips following your lips’ natural contour. Do this step very carefully avoiding mistakes. After you are done, you can fill in your lips with the lip liner. This step is optional. Filling out your lips with a lip pencil which are usually dry, helps the lipstick to stay put for a longer period of time.

In the next step, take out your lip brush.  For red lips, putting on the color with a lip brush would add that extra precision keeping you from going wrong. It would keep you in check from piling up too much of lipstick at a time as well. This would ensure even application which is crucial for red lips. If you pile up too much of the color, the color would inevitably slide and stain your teeth.

Nothing is uglier than that.  Of course, you can wipe off the stain, but then, there comes another risk. Having slided out, the color distribution would look uneven. This is not really very flattering. Having filled up your lips with the red lipstick you can again add some gloss on top or skip it for a more sophisticated look. So, get down to your make up table and let your lips talk.

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