How To Dress Up When There Is A Dress Code

cocktail-dress These days, most party invitations have a dress code that all of the invitees are supposed to wear. And unless you want to look like a black sheep in a white flock, you must conform to the dress code. To make a classy appearance at the party and to be noted for your sense of style, you need to be careful about what you are expected to wear and what you must completely avoid.

There are more than a dozen party dress codes, however here we will touch upon the four most popular dress codes, that is casual, dressy casuals, cocktail and black-tie and suit affairs.

The casual code

In the plainest of words, a casual dress code allows you to wear absolutely anything, as long as it reflects a good taste. The idea is to wear something that is comfortable, however that simply doesn’t allow you to wear your pajamas or sweat pants to the party.

To look trendy avoid wearing tee shirts with weird slogans and logos. As for your jeans instead of the regular ones try something that’s a bit more fashionable or designer, while completely avoiding the worn out, tattered and ripped jeans. Whatever you wear, it should give you a more pulled together look.

The dressy casual code

At times this code may also be referred to as smart casuals, and here you must avoid wearing jeans and tee shirts, even if they are the expensive designer ones. You must stick to wearing pants or trousers with some trendy tops, so that your complete outfit stands somewhere in between a completely formal look and a completely casual look.

The cocktail code

The cocktail code implies no jeans and no trousers, and all that you must be wearing is a nice short dress. When we say short, don’t mistake it for skimpy. Get into something that fits you snugly, and complete your looks with some high heel footwear and some funky jewelry. The idea is to look chic and sensuous, so you will be better off, if you deck up your looks with some vibrant and expressive accessories.

The black-tie and suit dress code

This dress code is more used for special evening events, where you need to look glamorous. While most men would be seen in black tuxedos, women are expected to wear elegant long dresses. Although, women are at an advantage, as they don’t need to stick to the black color scheme and can always experiment with some bold colors. And don’t forget to add in some scintillating accessories for a smashing outlook.

Sidharth Thakur