How To Dress To Make Yourself Look Thinner

How To Dress To Make Yourself Look Thinner

How To Dress To Make Yourself Look Thinner Looking in shape is a very important aspect of grooming these days. If you wish to look slim then you can make yourself appear thin simply by changing the way you fashion yourself. There are some very important points which you have to consider if you want to know how to dress in a way that will make you look thinner.

If you are bottom heavy or top heavy, then you have to pay careful attention to certain details in order to look thinner. There are various kinds of body shapes, but you can learn to accentuate each and every one of these shapes by knowing how to dress properly.

Dressing Requirements For A Pear Shaped Figure

Avoid Loose Garments

If you happen to possess a pear shaped body and if you have rounded thighs, then you are likely to feel bottom heavy. Thus you must know how to dress in a way in which you will not appear as such. This can be a tricky job and you need to be very careful before you choose a dress for yourself. Your hips might appear to be broader than your shoulders.

You do not need to wear very loose fitting blouses or tops. You should try wearing tops which are well fitted and not tight. You should look out for clothes that have V necks, open collared tops and turtle necks. If you wear a blazer then make sure that it falls just below your waist. This is in fashion and will give you an easy going yet professional appearance.

Opt For Darker Colours

When deciding on how to dress in a way that will help you look thinner, you should opt for bottoms which are dark in colour, such as navy blue, dark gray, brown, or black. These colours are not only in fashion but would also certainly help you to look thinner. You should also make sure that you get boot cut or straight jeans and leg pants. Straight jeans or boot cut leg pants can accentuate your body in a way that your thighs do not appear as rounded as they usually do. They will impart your body with a slender look.

Wear A Line Skirts

If you are fond of wearing skirts, then you can try wearing A line skirts. A line skirts are in fashion. They will fall to your knees and will help you to look thinner. If you are bottom heavy then you should avoid fashion such as wearing skin tight skirts and miniskirts at all costs. If you possess a pear shaped body, then wearing mini skirts and skintight skirts will not only make you appear crass and vulgar but will also impart you with a fatty appearance.

Wear Dresses

You can try wearing different kinds of dresses such as the empire style dresses or dresses which are nipped at the waist and has a slight flair. These dresses are very much in fashion and will look very flattering. You might also consider wearing sleeveless dresses or strapless dresses. Such dresses will draw attention to your shoulder area, arms and neck and will take the attention away from your heavy bottom, thus making you look thinner than you are.

Dressing Requirements For An Apple Shaped Figure

Avoid Light Tops And Baggy Tops

If you have an apple shaped figure then the top part of your body will appear heavier with sleek and slim legs, narrow hips and fuller breasts. When you have an apple shaped figure, then you can try wearing turtle neck, mock neck and boat neck tops. Such tops are in fashion will help you to look thinner. You should try staying away from baggy tops and light tops. Shirt collars and v necks will make you look best as these will gently graze your body.

Woven knits having a little stretch are also likely to fit you very well. You should avoid showing much of your cleavage. You should allow just a glimpse of it as this will look much more appealing. If you want to sport a sexy look then you should try and wear a lace trimmed camisole under a blazer, a jacket or a top. You must never wear full sleeves or puffy sleeves.

Wear Low Rise Pants

If you are heavy on the top, but wish to look thinner, then you would also look very nice in flat front, low rise pants. If you wish to hide your stomach then you should try wearing front pocket jeans.

Opt for Navy Blue and Black Colors

Black and navy blue are slimming colours for all body types. If you want to look thinner and taller, then you should try wearing clothes which belong to one colour. Then add a contrast or a flash of colour by wearing a blazer, an over shirt or a cardigan. You should not button up your cardigan or your blazer. If you avoid buttoning up your blazer or your cardigan, it will help to improve the vertical lines of your outfit and make you appear slimmer than you are.

Wear Long Skirts

If you happen to be fond of wearing skirts, then you must try wearing longer skirts rather than wider skirts. Longer skirts are not in fashion but they would certainly render your figure a slender appearance. Thus there are various ways by which you can look thinner by simply knowing how to dress properly. If you consider these suggestions, then you can drastically transform the way you appear by paying attention to what you ought to wear for your specific body type.

Knowing how to dress well can largely influence how you appear in front of people. It can greatly help to change how you look. You can also learn how to dress well in order to look slim by consulting various fashion magazines. Most fashion magazines contain useful advice on what clothes you should opt for if you wish to sport a slim appearance. You could also try watching fashion programmes on television in order to gain some useful tips on how to dress well to look thinner.