How To Dress Like Cameron Diaz

How To Dress Like Cameron Diaz

How To Dress Like Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz is one of those celebrities who have shown that age is just a number and they are not affected by it considerably. Cameron is known for her way to dress up. Her white playsuit is very popular, which is cinched with a thick red belt.

In fact, she is one of hottest celebrities across the globe. This is the reason why millions of girls wish to dress like her. Though every girl has not been blessed with legs like Cameron Diaz, dressing up like her is not impossible.

Cameron has a unique style of dressing up that always provides feeling of fun, exuberance and youth. For dressing up and looking like Cameron, it is essential that a woman or a girl has perfect balance of femininity and flirt.

How to Dress Like Cameron Diaz

For dressing up like Cameron Diaz, it is necessary that a woman wears denim very often. In fact, she should wear denim all the time, as this celebrity is always found wearing denim flawlessly in different types of events. Use of denim must not be restricted to any part of day or evening.

For looking like Cameron, it is also necessary that denim worn in day time is washed-out. In evening, darker denim should be worn. A woman must not restrict use of denim to trousers only, as Cameron Diaz wears denim in all forms. For example, she wears denim jeans, blazers and jackets. Perfect looks like Cameron are obtained when low-rise and slightly flared jeans are worn.

While choosing colors of tops and other apparels, a woman must remember that Cameron likes to wear flattering colors. Most of clothes worn by this celebrity have splashes of colors placed strategically. Similarly, accessories, scarves and handbags worn by Cameron are mostly colorful and go well with dress worn by her.

Thus, a woman should choose such colors for her dress and accessories that make her face look colorful. Colors that make the face look pale should be avoided. Similarly, belts worn should also be colorful. While wearing scarf, it should be remembered that this celebrity likes to wear it around the neck. Cameron is known for wearing casual tops. Thus, a woman should wear tanks and t-shirts very often for looking like her.

These tops should be worn with low-rise or perfectly fitted jeans. Tops are mostly bright in color and very often, these contain stripes. Shape of top that is liked the most by Cameron Diaz is wide neckline, as it shows off collarbone in a maximum manner.

Similarly, a woman should try to wear tops that contain feminine details, as these tops are also liked by this celebrity. For example, tops containing ruffles or flower patterns can be worn. Apart from t-shirts and tanks, this celebrity likes wearing shirts also. However, shirts with cap sleeves should be worn as these flaunt long and slim arms in the best manner.

Since Cameron loves to wear hats with casual outfits, a woman must buy hats of different colors. Jewelry worn by this celebrity is minimal and simple. Thus, there is no need of loading body with excessive jewelry. Generally, Cameron likes to wear one necklace and earrings. But these must be colorful. For example, turquoise is one of her favorite colors.