How To Dress For Your Body Shape

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

How To Dress For Your Body Shape Different people have different body shapes and body sizes. This means that a dress would look very pretty on one person, and not look so good on another because of their differing body shapes and sizes.

It helps a great deal to know what body shape one is to make choosing clothes to suit them easier and perfect. Normally, body shapes are determined by the curves, hips, waist and bust connection. You can determine your body shape by getting your proportions right to help you flatter your best features with your choice of clothes.

The Rectangular Body Shape

This body shape resembles a rectangle since the hips and waist happen to be straight. To make this type of body more attractive and appealing, use a belt to make your waistline exist, and show a difference between it and your hips. Wear clothes which have a waistline feature to avoid the boyish look. Clothes with frills and ruffles work best for the body as they give a feminine figure touch.

The Apple Body Shape

This body shape has a top part that is much larger than the bottom part. Those who possess this body type should concentrate on flattering their butt, legs and thing areas to divert attention from the upper part of the body which include the arms and the waist.

Draping Tops

This can be easily achieved by wearing draping tops and long sleeved ones to keep any bugles hidden. Attention can be drawn to the neck and bust areas by wearing a v-neck top. Women with bigger breasts should go for tops and dresses which wrap their waists crossing over their chest area.

The Pear Body Shape

A woman is said to have a pear body shape if her bottom area is heavier that the top area. This simply means that the hips are much wider and larger than the bust.

Fuller Top

Wearing a fuller top or blouse and push up bras can compliment this body shape as well as make the butt and hips look smaller, giving a perfect balance.

The Hourglass Body Shape

This is believed to be the best shape a woman can have since the upper and bottom areas of the body are balanced. The bust and hips appear perfectly inline and given their differences by a beautiful narrow waist. It is not too hard to dress this body because all you have to do is choose clothes which flatter your curves.

Only 8% of ladies seem to be blessed with this ideal shape. Many would have to work very hard through exercises, diet and even surgery to get this hourglass body shape. But no matter what kind of body shape you have, you should be thankful if you are healthy to enjoy your life.

As mentioned, you can dress your body to reflect a better shape easily and carry on with your life if you are healthy. Learning to accept and appreciate your body shape grows your self confidence, which in turn, exudes joy and contentment. Others will be drawn to you more than before.