How To Dress For A Punk Party

Leopard Print Jackets

If you’re into punk fashion already, dressing up for a punk party will be as easy as pie. If you are not, you will need to purchase or make a few items that make you look totally punk. So get ready to dress your best, and use the tips given below on how to dress for a punk party to help you create an awe-inspiring look.

Dressing Tips For A Punk Party

Punk Clothing You Can Wear

Traditionally speaking, most punks incorporate the color black as much as possible in their clothing. However, red and white and other colors are also fairly common in today’s punk fashion scene. So to dress for a punk party, you can use a number of  items to create a fabulous punk ensemble. For instance, tops like punk band t-shirts, corsets and ripped t-shirts, combined with denim, leather or leopard print jackets are commonly used.

Leopard Print Jackets

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When it comes to pants and skirts, ripped and skinny jeans, customized jeans with cool prints and chains, miniskirts, ripped fishnet stockings, leopard print and striped tights and skirts, bondage pants and plaid skirts are ideal for a punk themed outfit. You can also use ripped and netted gloves and socks to add to your punk look.

Funky Punk Accessories And Shoes

Punk themed Accessories are pretty much metallic in nature or made of leather. You can accessorize your punk outfit by using items like decorative patches, band themed badges and photo buttons to decorate your clothing. You can also use punk themed ‘jewelry’ like  studded, spiky or interlinked leather or metal chokers and wrist-wraps, and bullet belts or leather chain belts.

Body art like tattoos and body piercings are also used frequently in the punk fashion style. Dressing for a punk party also means wearing some neat punk themed shoes. If you don’t have shoes that go with the punk theme, you can always purchase some really cool rivet-encrusted shoes and boots online.

Give Yourself A Punk Hairdo

Popular punk hairstyles include Mohawks and liberty spikes. If you have really short hair, you might want to make it a little spiky looking with acrylic gel or hairspray. Alternatively, you could just artistically mess up your hair to give it a cool tousled look and fix it using acrylic gel.

Punk hairstyles

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You can either go with your own natural hair color, or dye your hair in colors like icy or electric blue, bright red, purple, green, etc. A multicolored Mohawk hairstyle with each lock of hair dyed a different color also looks really cool. If you don’t want to change your hairstyle for the punk party, you can simply use a punk themed wig.

Punk Looks That You Can Go For

Draw inspiration from your favorite punk musicians to gain an idea of how you should look. You don’t have to copy their styles unless you want to. You can have your very own unique look. Here are some examples.

For a cool punk look, go with a dazzling white and artistically ripped tee or top, a pair of ripped black jeans that sport a number of silver colored chains, wear some black or white boots with silver rivets, use accessories like silver chains and earrings to accentuate your look, and give yourself a spiky hairstyle and dye it silver, white or grey with the roots dyed black for a really awesome 3D look.

For a traditional punk look, you can go with a black or red v-necked top or angel wings top, a black skirt with ripped fishnet stockings, studded or spiked black leather wristbands, chokers and boots, and a Mohawk or spiky hairdo. You can also use a red plaid skirt, white or black corset or top, and combine it with some black and red accessories and high boots with rivets for a cute punk look.

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