How To Dress In A Feminine And Girly Way

How To Dress Feminine, Girly And Womanly

How To Dress Feminine, Girly And Womanly Some women have a natural sense and like to dress up in a feminine and girly way, but not all. There are many women who have considered a pair of jeans and a top on it as their best friends.

But the truth remains that while carrying that tomboyish or casual look you are losing a God-gifted feature in you – the feminine quality. So change your wardrobe now and turn yourself into a diva. To help you dress feminine, girly and womanly, we have brought together a few tips that will see you successfully achieve the desired result.

Choosing The Right Clothes

While choosing clothes always consider certain important factors like your body type, the best features in you along with the color, cut, style and fabric of the clothes. Avoid wearing clothes that are not well-fitted. Women with a broader or heavy upper-body should avoid wearing tight or skinny jeans or lower garment. They should also stay away from clothes that are body hugging.

Women blessed with an hourglass figure have to bother the least as almost all type of clothes make them look stunning. But for that additional feminine dressing they should consider clothes that highlight their waistline and the curves of their bodies. You must also consider the length of your dress. Wearing an ankle length dress can make you look more womanly while a short dress surely increases the glamour quotient.

Mid length or knee length dresses add a feminine and girly touch to your appearance. A good way to look feminine is to wear a flowing dress, something that has lots of curves and flares at the hemline. Whereas, body hugging clothes lend a more hot and sexy look to a woman.

As for the colors, you can choose almost any color that goes well with your skin tone. But certain shades like red, pink and purple help to make a woman look more feminine and girly. You can also choose to wear bright colors or pair the dark colored clothes with brighter shades.

Accessories For That Feminine Look

Accessories will help you to gain a feminine look to a large extent. Wear accessories like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc that are perfectly color coordinated and matching with your dress. Limit the number of accessories to a moderate number so that you don’t look like a window display of any accessory shop.

For a more fun and girly look you can use pretty hair bands, hair clips, etc. A fresh flower on your hair, a hair clip carrying a fake flower look, or certain other hair accessories do help you look gentle and feminine. Add a purse or clutch to your dress-up to give a stylish touch to your look. The color and look of the purse must compliment your entire getup.

Nothing can make a woman look more sexy than a pair of high heeled footwear. You have many options to choose from like ankle length boots, knee length boots, flat sandals, stilettos, pumps, strappy or open-feet sandals etc. Choose one that goes well with your look and dress. Make sure that you don’t go wrong with the color matching while choosing footwear for yourself.

Make-Up For The Finishing Touch

Learn to use make-up in the right way so as to enhance your facial features. Put emphasis on your eyes, lips, eyebrows and eyelashes to get the right look. Never overdo make-up. Look as natural as possible.

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