How To Dress At 40

dressstress Age comes at last to all and there is no denying the fact that everyone would age. It is best to age gracefully. So, at forty, if you are combating with your daughter to look like her it just does not suit you.

You have to be a bit more choosy about what dress you wear and what make up you use. You just cannot pick up your daughter’s pair of jeans and try to fit into them although they don’t fir you snugly. You must also update on the make up part.

Let’s get to clothes. Be careful about the undergarments you wear. They should not fit you too tight neither they should make your breasts look sagging. It should be such that they fit you just right.

Also very tight fitting undergarments make your bulges and extra fat bulge out. Revealing dresses are a strict no no. You can change the dress styles a bit. Very short skirts that fit your daughter may not be just the right thing for you.

Also choose light makeup shades that blend with the skin. Too loud foundation may make your look older. Shades of lipsticks should be chosen with precision and care. Pinks, brown, light colors suit your skin. You should be extra careful with the make up as you need to use them a bit more now but with a subtle touch.

Very dark eyeliner will not be very feasible to wear with approaching age. Rather grey, plum and browns eye shadows and eye pencils would be more suitable. It is not wise to get frustrated if you cannot wear all sorts of clothes when you are forty.

Rather, you can try out a few and decide for yourself what suits you best and then go about working on them or designing them properly so that they look best on you. The same goes for colors. You might select for yourself which color is the best for you. Colors depend a lot on the skin tone.