How To Do Manicure At Home

Getting a manicure done has become a necessity than a luxury these days.While on a date or on an outing with your partner you obviously want your guy to fall in love with your hands and never leave it.

So the process of manicure is very important to keep your hands looking good at all times.

Most of the times it is not possible to run to a salon to get a manicure due to lot of reasons like lack of time and money.But why would you want to run to a salon in the first place if you can do your own manicure at home.

All you have to do is collect some things and find some time to pamper yourself.The things you need to do manicure at home are, a bowl of warm water, a nail file, nail polish remover, a towel, any moisturizer or oil, cotton etc.

First of all, with the help of a nail polish remover get rid of all traces of old nail polish from your nails.Then soak your fingers in a bowl full of lukewarm water for a while.After some time with the help of a hand towel push your cuticle a little towards the back so that your nail looks slightly longer.

Then file your nails using the nail file.You can give any shape to your nails.You can also give your nails a square cut by chipping off the tip of the nail.Otherwise you can simply file your nails to get the usual curve look.You can even choose to keep your nails short.

Once you finish off shaping your nails use any moisturizer of your choice to massage your nails and fingers.You can also choose oils like olive oil, almond oil etc. to massage your nails.The purpose of this massage is to strengthen your nails and prevent your nails from breakage.

You should in fact make it a habit to massage your nail at least 2-3 times a week to make your nails stronger.The last step is to apply a coat of transparent nail polish to your nails.This is necessary to keep the nails strong.

You can then apply any nail polish of your choice after the transparent coat dries up.With some time in hand and a little patience you will be able to do manicure at home as good as a professional from salon.

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