How To Do Hair Color Correction At Home

Hair Color Correction

Hair Color Correction Very often, hair color application does not lead to desired results. Sometimes, hair color shade is darker than desired and sometimes, it is lighter. Even in some cases, wrong shade of hair color is applied. When hairs are not colored as desired, a person wants to correct it as soon as possible.

Though hair color correction is more complicated than hair color application, it is possible and it is not necessary that any beauty salon is visited for the same. Hair color can be corrected at home as there are some methods that help in darkening and lightening hair colors as desired. Even some of these methods use substances that are normally used at home.

How To Do Hair Color Correction At Home

Hairs are washed with baking soda first of all for treating the hairs that have become too dark or bright due to wrong color application. For application, equal quantities of baking soda and shampoo are mixed. This mixture is applied to hairs and set aside for ten to fifteen minutes. Hairs are then rinsed with water. This application is repeated for two to three times. Quantities of baking soda and shampoo depend upon the length of hairs.

If hairs are very long, half cup of baking soda and shampoo each should be taken. For rinsing the hairs, one part of baking soda and two parts of hot water should be used. Hot water does not mean boiling water. Temperature of the water should be easily tolerable. Water coming out of hairs during rinsing should be inspected for hair colors. In second and third wash with baking soda, hair color is considerably removed from hairs. Some people use baking powder instead of baking soda. This should not be done, as desired results are not obtained with baking powder. Many hairs experts rely on baking soda for fading out hairs.

Application of dandruff shampoos is also an effective way of correcting hair colors. Head & Shoulders and Prell are two leading brands of dandruff shampoos that can be used. For application, hairs are wetted first and then, shampoo is applied. It is left on hairs for ten minutes before rinsing. This step should be repeated for two to three times. As a result, hair color starts fading out.

If time elapsed after coloring hairs is less than 72 hours, simply washing the hairs with a harsh shampoo for two to three times can offer good results. This is an effective way of removing semi-permanent hair dyes and colors. Harsher is the shampoo, better are the results. Shampoos that are labeled ‘color safe’ should not be used. For rinsing the hairs, hot water should be used. Oil treatments are also effective in removing hair colors. Oil and heat open the cuticles and fading out color becomes easy. Through results are not obtained instantly, it helps in removing considerable amount of hair color over one week.

If above methods of hair color correction does not work, a hair color remover kit should be purchased from the drug store. These kits contain complete instructions for use, which should be followed without any modification.

Once hair color has been removed from hairs, it is the time for application of correct color. There are many ways in which right type of hair color can be selected. For example, using color wheel is one such method, which is very useful for finding the tonal quality of hairs. Hairs are inspected closely for determining the dominant base color. While doing this, undertones of colors like red, violet, yellow, green and orange should be looked for.

Fingers are pulled straight across the wheel and base color needed for correcting the color is determined. Once base color is found, two oz. of this color is mixed with equal quantities of hair developer. These two are mixed well in a bottle or a container and applied to dry hair. Many people wash their hairs and apply hair color without drying the hairs. This is not a good practice and does not produce desired results. For even distribution of hair color, fingers or comb should be used.

Hair color is left on hairs after application for duration of twenty minutes and is then rinsed with water. Hairs are rinsed until clear water runs out. For removing the color residue on hairs and scalp, it is advised that hairs should be shampooed twice. After shampooing, conditioner is applied and rinsed. Hairs are then dried with towel and styled.

Since red color is one of most difficult colors to be removed from hairs. Many people have reported that even after repeating hair color removing steps, as mentioned above, for many times, too much of red is found on hairs. For treating such hairs, either light ash blonde color should be used or a hair mousse should be used. Hair mousse usually contains aerosol and is helpful in removing the brassy red tones that are found on hairs after color removing methods have been applied. Over time, hair mousse leads to fading out of hairs.

home made color correction

For darkening the over-bleached hairs, some home made color correction recipes should be used. This is because it is possible to fade or remove darkness on hairs but bleached hairs do not contain anything that can be removed. For darkening the color of hairs at home, black tea, coffee or unsweetened cocoa are used. If cocoa is to be applied to hairs, few quantities of it is first mixed with enough quantity of yogurt so as to form a thick paste.

This paste is applied on shampooed hairs and is left for five minutes. It is then rinsed out completely. This darkening mixture can leave stains on skin or towel. Thus, due care should be taken while applying this mixture. Though bleached hairs are darkened after very first application, many hair experts suggest that two to three applications of cocoa mixture are required for perfect results. While correcting dark colors on hairs, a hair color remover may provide a brassy look. For getting desired looks, hairs have to be colored again with a semi-permanent or a permanent color.