How To Do Baby Yoga

How To Do Baby Yoga

How To Do Baby Yoga Yoga is an ancient Indian form of meditation and exercise that helps you to attain, ‘Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.’ It is good for the health of each and every person whatever be the sex or age.

Even your infant can benefit from doing the right postures and at the same time the practicing of yoga with your child will allow you to spend some quality time with the baby and increasing the mother-child bonding in the process. Here we discuss which are the right yoga postures for your infant and how to do them successfully in order to reap the maximum benefits.

Right Ways To Do Baby Yoga

Infant yoga 1

Let the baby lie down on its back and maintain continuous eye contact. Now place your hand on the baby’s stomach and move it in gentle circular motion going down its body to its legs. Continue with long circular strokes.

Infant yoga 2

Put the baby on its back and gently stretch his legs first, now bend them at the knees so that they are positioned on its stomach. Talk with the child continuously while stroking the tummy and legs in between the stretching and bending so as to negate and help it to relax.

Infant yoga 3

Move the baby’s legs in bicycle motion with one leg stretched and other bend at the knee alternately. Do it gently and soothingly while continuously talking and maintaining eye contact with your child so that the child is not agitated in any way.

Infant yoga 4

Stroke your baby’s tummy in gentle circular motion and while going down the whole length of the leg. Now squeeze gently from thigh downward to the ankle first on one leg and then repeat it on the other one. After this, move the ankle of each leg to both left and right in succession. At last take both his hands into your own hands and place them above his head in one single motion and stretch gently, now similarly bring them down again in single fluid motion of your hand.

Infant yoga 5

For this yoga which is especially meant for strengthening the mother-infant bond you need to sit with your legs crossed on the floor. Carry the baby in your arms and bring him near your body to hold him it intimately against your chest. All you need to do is breathe heavily in rhythm.

Breathe in and out in succession through the nose while holding the child as close to you as possible. This will calm your grumpy and crying child making it more manageable and agreeable besides helping you to relax by soothing your frayed nerves and release all your stress and anxiety.


If you are in doubt about how to do infant yoga correctly you may either join some yoga club in the vicinity where there is a competent instructor to guide you or you may buy a DVD for guidance. Following the yoga exercises on regular basis is very beneficial in the long run.