How to Defy Aging

True you can’t stop the clock, but that does not mean you cannot defy or at least delay the clock. Do not wait for fine lines and wrinkles to start forming; start from today and no one would be able to guess your age even when you would be fifty.

Sun Protection – This may sound clichéd but no beauty regime is of any help without adequate sun protection. Half an hour of unprotected exposure can render all your hard work useless. It is not enough to just apply a broad spectrum sunscreen, it is also crucial to use physical protection. Cover your head and face with a cloth.

Wear a cap and use an umbrella. Also, wear full-sleeved clothing or use sun gloves. Make sure that you apply the sunscreen at least twenty minutes before stepping out. In case your skin is very oily and sunscreen gives a greasy appearance to your skin, wipe it with a wet cloth after 20 minutes. Reapply every 2-3 hours.

Diet – Eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay away from all kinds of saturated fats and food additives. Try to buy organic food products. It is also important to eat at the same time every day and in the right quantity. Do not ever over eat. Besides, do not drink water before or after 15 minutes of meal time.

According to ayurveda, this helps in digestion and proper absorption of nutrients. Eat lots of fatty fish like salmon and tuna to give your skin a healthy dose of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Also, ask your doctor to prescribe you an anti-oxidant. They help get rid of free radicals and protect against pollutants and the sun.

Lifestyle – Try to maintain a stress free lifestyle. It is definitely difficult to do so when there are hordes of stressors present in our modern day fast paced lifestyles. Do meditation and yoga. They really help relax and rejuvenate the mind and body.

Try exercising in the morning when the air is fresh and least polluted. Sleep and wake up in time. This would help keep your body clock in shape and would aid in the proper functioning of all organs.

Products – Use products according to your skin type. You can visit a dermatologist for proper recommendation. Ask your doc to prescribe you an AHA cream or lotion. Research has proven that AHA help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while also helping in preventing them.

Follow these and you would surely look beautiful today and for years to come.