How To Decorate A Tween Girl’s Bedroom

How To Decorate A Tween Girl’s Bedroom

How To Decorate A Tween Girl’s Bedroom Teenage is a time when your baby girl enters a personal landmark. So let her mark the high point with some special events like decorating her room in a more matured way and thereby proclaim her new found status.

Here she can showcase her self-expression as well as spend undisturbed time with friends in the space marked exclusively for them. Before you embark on decorating a room for her, involve your daughter in the planning process and decide on the necessary items that she want in the room or you feel are essential.

Though children are brand conscious these days, they do not always demand the most expensive items. Rather they prefer things that are fun, quirky and funky. But they are mostly clear about what they want. Make clear about the budget and lend advice regarding the décor ideas. You will surely get a lot of items in the market within your budget to do up the room.


Decide a theme for the room as per your daughter’s activities, hobbies and interests. For your little princess, get a piece of fantasyland within her reach with a fairytale themed room. Recreate scenes from the fairyland with murals on the wall, lots of soft-cuddly toys and frilly cushions and curtains. If she is fond of sports activities, go for some sport related theme.

Or if she is the fan of a football or rugby team, decorate the area with the team’s jersey colour and symbols as well as the posters of the players. For a girl, who is often seen buried under books, create a space by lending characters from her favourite book or comic strips. Get lots of shelves to help this bookworm organize her books.

Anther idea could be the underwater theme with surfing boards and a mermaid to give the room an oceanic feel. The dark blue wall and swarming snails will stir up quite an adventure for this marine aficionado. If she is a singer or fan of a singer, opt for a musical themed room. You can go for furniture in the shape of some musical instrument.

Decorate A Tween Girl’s Bedroom

But if that is not her forte, you can get big posters of her star installed at various strategic areas of the room or on the walls. The walls could also be painted with musical notes or lyrics from her favourite songs. Is your daughter possessed by Potter mania like all the teenaged girls? Invest on a Harry Potter themed room. Get posters of Daniel Radcliff and other actors in the film and create a scene from the famous book.

Inculcate good habits from childhood. Your earth enthusiast daughter can have an environment-friendly room with pictures of plants, insects, and flowers. She can grow plants in a bottle and watch earthworms and other friendly insects grow and feed on the leaves in the jar.

The tiny lady Picasso in your house can have a whole wall to draw and paint. She can also have an art table in her room to store her crayons, papers and pencils. Use an easy to maintain flooring and wood surfaces for the painter to give shape to her imaginations.


Get soft sheets in bright colours or pastels as she prefers. They can be plain, dotted, striped or patterned. From small to medium white dots on pink, green, blue, red sheets to contrast coloured dots on coloured sheets and mixed sized dots —you have plenty to choose from.

In prints, florals are most popular. You can have small flowers to bold multi-coloured floral prints. Then there are paisleys—both big and small, creepers and vine prints, geometric patterns, oceanic prints, animal prints, bird prints, alphabets, zebra prints—let your little princess choose whatever she fancies.

Choose the duvet and pillow covers as per the theme of her room. The Duvet and pillow covers could be matching or of contrast colour and design. Keeping with the theme, she can have a fairytale character, a comic character, a super-hero, nautical, oceanic, sporty or musical—whatever she fancies. In pillow she can also have funny and funky printed or embroidered ones, and also those with inspirational words.


Bed is the most essential piece of furniture in this room. There are simple beds, or one with storage, or a bunk bed-cum study, or a locker bed, cane bed, wrought-iron bed and many more. Decide as per the theme and available space. Preferably go for a bed that she will be able to use for a longer period of time and is sturdy. ….

If you want to combine comfort with storage, get a bed that has cubbies as well as tower shelves to help your daughter organize her stuff. Some even have study table or dresser storage. They are available in warm colours like honey, coffee, taupe or neutral colours like white, cream etc. If you have space constraint, go for a storage bed that also has a mirror set so as to combine a bed, dresser and study. Additional mattresses will accommodate friends when they stay overnight.

Tween Girl’s Bedroom

Sleep and study lofts will accommodate the study table under the bunk bed and provide tons of storage space on the shelves. Climbing up her bunk bed will also keep your daughter active and agile. If you have space and do not want a cumbersome piece of furniture, go for a neat study table. They can be painted to match the colour and décor of the room. Get plenty of shelves to let the youngster organize her things.

Little girls also fancy vanities of their own. You will find different designs in vanities as per your liking and budget. They can be a tower vanity, desk and vanity, a princess-like dainty vanity, vanity with some hand-painted design as per the theme of the room and so on. Do not forget to buy a dainty chair to go with it. If you feel she is too young for a vanity, buy a mirror and get some shelves installed to store her essentials.

You can either combine a cupboard with a dresser or get a cupboard with mirrored door which can double up as a vanity.  The cupboard can be coloured in a bright colour or covered with decorative wallpaper. The cupboard would have different shelves to store all clothes of your girl in an organized way so that she finds her outfits easily.


Once the basic room decoration is over, add little accents and accessories to brighten up the room. Word pillows on the bed and inspirational quotes pin board are interesting items in a young girl’s room and add some character to it. Canvas or tin boxes in plain colours or with interesting motifs can be used to store pictures, craft items, colours, make-up items etc. They come in different sizes and can be kept on the shelves as well as under the beds.

Trash cans and baskets are an essential thing that would help keep the room clean in style. They are available in a wide range of colours like candy pink, white, green etc,  different materials (from iron to cane to plastic), and designs. You even get them personalized at an additional cost. Another interesting item in your daughter’s room could be a mini-fridge.

These super-chic coolers are available in feminine colours like candy pink, mint green, ice blue, white and silver. So get set to transform your tween daughter’s room from an uninteresting box to an exciting haven, where she would love to spend time alone doing her own things or invite friends for a fun-filled and  thrilling day.


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