How To Deal With Various Skin Problems During Summers

How To Deal With Various Skin Problems During Summers

How To Deal With Various Skin Problems During Summers Summers can be pretty harsh on your skin and can cause irreparable damage to your skin. Hot and humid weather conditions can dehydrate your whole body, which in turn dehydrates your skin as well.

The worst part is that you cannot keep your skin covered throughout the day during summers or else the heat might suffocate you. Most of us like to go lighter on colors and clothes during summers to beat the heat. But the lesser the clothes the maximum is the exposure of the skin to all the harsh external factors. You will have to find a solution to your problem without changing your summer wardrobe.

Most people get so drained during summers due to dehydration and hot weather conditions, that all they wish to do after a long day is to confine themselves to their air-conditioned rooms which is perfectly justified. But you should find time to care for your skin to prevent the various skin problems during summers.

People experience number of skin problems like sunburns, prickly heat, acne etc. You can cure and prevent such skin problems by taking certain precautions and care. Here is a list of all possible skin problems and tips and methods to deal with those this summers.


Summers are the time when the skin is exposed to the harsh rays of the sun the most. The result of excessive sun exposure without any protection is sunburns. These are likely to occur in patches in exposed parts of the body. Sunburns in the skin looks red and inflamed. Constant exposure to sun can also result in peeling of skin and burning sensation.

You cannot stop going out into the sun during summers. But you can protect your skin from sunburns by applying a good quality sunscreen lotion. A sunscreen lotion containing good amount of SPF is a must for you. Make sure that you never step out into the sun without applying sunscreen lotion.

For best results, apply the sunscreen at least half an hour before stepping out into the sun and reapply it every 2-3 hours. Once you get back from outside you can wash your body and then apply a soothing moisturizer containing cucumber or Aloe Vera. You can also apply the gel of Aloe Vera plant on your sunburn affected skin for soothing your sunburns.

Heat Rashes

Yet another skin problem that majority of us fall victim to is the heat rashes. These again itch, irritate and becomes the reason for lot of pain and discomfort. People who sweat a lot are prone to heat rashes. Now who does not sweat during summers! Due to excessive sweating tiny drops of sweat gets clogged in the pores of the skin which results in heat rashes.

These appear as tiny red bumps on the skin and is likely to occur in areas where excessive sweating is experienced. In order to prevent and cure heat rashes, make sure that you keep your body clean and dry. Ensure that you wash your body after strenuous workouts and every time after excessive sweating. You can also try applying some antiperspirant in areas which sweat a lot to control sweating and hence prevent heat rashes.

Applying a thin layer of some soothing talcum powder on heat rash prone areas will also help keep those areas dry. Corn starch powder can also be applied on heat rashes to soothe and control heat rashes. Ensure that you give priority to comfort over style when it comes to clothes in summers. You cannot look good in any dress as long as you do not feel good in it. So make sure that you wear loose comfortable clothes preferably cotton during summers. These methods will surely help keep heat rashes at bay.

Body Acne

Body acne is also a very dreaded summer skin problem. The main cause of the occurrence of body acne is nothing but excessive sweating and hot temperatures. As we all know that during summers our skin needs to be cleaned more often. Sweating in excess combined with factors like accumulation of dust and dirt leads to the occurrence of body rashes. The only solution to this problem is to keep your body clean by taking regular showers and by wearing comfortable sweat absorbing clothes.

Applying Aloe Vera and tea tree oil on affected areas helps soothe body acne. Also make sure that you drink plenty of water to flush out all sorts of toxins which can trigger body acne. Also find time to ex-foliate your entire body 2-3 times a week to keep the pores of your skin free of all sorts of impurities. Keeping your skin clean is the sole solution to prevent body rashes.

Photodermatitis, rosacea etc. are other common skin problems which are likely to trigger and worsen during summers. Skin care on a regular basis is a must during summers, even if you do not have the time for it. Keeping skin clean and applying soothing substances like Aloe Vera, cucumber etc. helps a great deal in keeping these summer skin problems at bay.

Drinking plenty of fluids and water throughout the day keeps your skin hydrated and helps fight all summer skin problems. So sip on fruit juices, cold herbal teas and lemonades all day long. These fluids works wonders to keep you cool during summers. It is very important that you mend your eating habits during summers. It is best to stick to foods free of spices or foods with minimum spices.

Also minimize your intake of foods rich in fats like junk foods etc. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and have a portion of salad with each meal. Lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet will also help flush out all the toxins from your body. Remember to carry an umbrella with you during summers to reduce the adverse effects of sun rays. A pair of sunglasses is very essential for protecting your eyes during summers. Make it a point to follow all these tips this summer to deal with various summer skin problems.

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