How to Deal With Rejection

Rejection might come off as a sharp stab in your heart in the beginning, but that does not give you enough excuse to succumb to depression or run away from the person you love. Accepting a rejection gracefully is agreeably the hardest thing to do but it’s something you always need to be prepared for before heading over to propose to your sweetheart, even if you are completely sure of the person accepting your proposal. But if it comes off as a surprise, or something anticipated, there’s always a right way to respond and deal with it.

Don’t run away!

If the person you’ve proposed to happens to be a close friend, you must always remember that the person who rejected you would have as much hard time as the one who got rejected and would feel just as awkward as well. So, shunning away the person just to run away from the awkwardness would put your friendship in jeopardy and all you would get in the end is loss of a good friend!

Always look at the brighter side

It’s quite common to feel that you can never love another person even after being rejected but every problem has a silver lining and it’s very important to be optimistic and be ready to make a new beginning. No matter how hard or impossible it seems in the beginning, a little change in life like a new place or a new job might bring in a new beginning.

Don’t jump into decisions

There’s always a little surprise in the corner that you never knew of and you never know when it might jump out of the corner and rub you in your face. There is nothing wrong in hoping a little and trying a little harder. The depression that follows after rejection might sometimes lure you into suicide but you have to remember that nothing comes without a little bit of hard work. If you are rejected once, it only means that you need to work a little harder next time to show that you really care so the person you love can really understand it.

But it’s not good to push it too hard either. Just remember that happiness of the person you love is more important than forcing your love on him/her. So sometimes, it’s good to just let go.