How To Deal With Love Addiction

Love Addiction

Love Addiction Love addiction is not a disease or a disorder. It is a state of mind which makes the love addict do crazy things. A love addict is a person who needs to be loved every time. Most people suffering from love addiction are observed to be people who had a tough childhood or had some bad experiences in the past.

Some kind of love addicts prefers to be in a relationship, no matter how good or bad is the relationship. Such people do not care if their partner is the worst person on earth, but they just want to be in a relationship with somebody. Another category of love addicts are addicted more towards a particular person. Such people are likely to get very used to their partner and get addicted to their partners. It becomes very difficult for such a person to deal with breakup with that particular person. Such people tend to become obsessed with their ex-partners and in some cases also spy on them and follow them, even after they breakup.

Love addiction is not taken seriously most of the time because somebody suffering from love addiction do not even realize most of the times that they are love addicts. But this could turn the sufferer to a state of obsessive compulsive disorder, depression etc. The need to be in a relationship is the most prominent symptom of love addiction. A person suffering from love addiction is mostly shy and reserved. They even lack confidence in themselves and feel very low in self-esteem.

They require love and attention from their partner all the times. Most people suffering from love addiction are found to be extremely dependent on their partners for everything. Love addicts are so dependent on their partners that they do not understand how to live without their partners. They feel very insecure and inferior without their partners.

People suffering from love addiction should do the necessary to get rid of this problem or else they might end up ruining their lives. They might end up choosing the wrong life partner and spent their entire life in misery. To do the necessary to get rid of love addiction it is very important that the sufferer understands that he/she is a love addict. Here are a few things you should do in order to deal with love addiction.

Accept Your Problem

It is very important that you understand that you are suffering from love addiction. Once a person accepts the fact that he/she is facing a problem, he/she will be able to deal with it efficiently. Even if you know somebody who is suffering from love addiction, then confront them and make them realize that they are suffering from this problem. Dealing with love addiction becomes very easy once the person realizes and accepts that he/she is suffering from a problem.

Seek Counselling

As soon as you realize that you are suffering from love addiction, meet a doctor or a counselor to find a solution to your problem. It is quite difficult to get over love addiction all by yourself. Most people tend to keep their problems to themselves as they are ashamed to seek professional help. A number of therapies and treatments are available to help you get rid of your addictions.You will have to gather the courage to seek help or else you might end up living with this disorder for your entire life.

Stay Single For A While

This might be the most difficult thing to do for a person suffering from love addiction. End your present relationship and try to not think about it over and over again. Ensure that you get rid of all your partner’s stuff. Make sure that you do not get in touch with any of your ex-partners. Get involved in other activities that interests you. Move in with your family or friends for a while. Spend some quality time with your family and close friends. Join some hobby class like take dancing or music lessons or anything that interests you and helps you take your mind off relationships and love. Love addiction is purely psychological and only you can help yourself get over it.

Stay Happy And Stress Free

It must be a hard time for you but you will have to recover from this phase and try to stay happy and positive at all times. Do not keep on thinking about negative things as that might again lead you to stress and depression. Learn how to mediate and find time to meditate everyday. Meditation has a very positive impact on your mind and it helps a great deal in recovering from feelings of stress and depression. Certain forms of breathing exercises and yoga also works wonders for keeping stress and tensions at bay. These activities will certainly help you a great deal in getting over love addiction.

Share Your Feelings

Join some online community of people suffering from love addiction. You will meet lot of people suffering from love addiction and sharing your feelings with them will certainly make you feel better. You can also join support groups and meet like-minded people in person and you will get to know each other problems. Do not feel ashamed to share your problem with your family and close friends. They will understand your problem and support you in every possible way. Sharing your problems is a great way of dealing with any problem. However, if you remain to stay within your shells then you might never recover from your problem of love addiction.

Trust Yourself

It is very important that a person suffering from love addiction has faith in self. A person suffering from love addiction tends to lose out on self-confidence and self-esteem over a period of time. So a person suffering from love addiction should do all the necessary to regain all his/her lost confidence and faith. You are just as good as everybody else and there is no reason for you to feel inferior about yourself. Have faith in yourself and face your problem bravely. Ensure that you deal with love addiction and do everything to get rid of it and lead a normal life.

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