How To Deal With Kids The Right Way

41 You will need to break out of routine patterns while dealing with kids. This is because the level of creativity in children is very high and their thought process is very logical which is not influenced by external factors. If you have told your kid to concentrate on a single thing and then the child finds you doing multiple tasks at he same time, he/she may ask for an explanation. As explaining things every time may not be possible, it is preferred that parents act in an assertive manner and set some rules.

As kids can manage their time well and have a good thought process, negotiating with them can be difficult. Kids expect appreciation and rewards for their good behavior. So, saying a few words of praise or giving a treat would go a long way in boosting their morale. However, make your kids health conscious so that they stay away from junk and unhealthy foods. Remember that if you explain things to the kids, they will feel important and would love to abide by the rules.

Don’t prohibit your child from watching cartoons or playing with their friends. Rather, ask them to plan the hours that they wish to have for these leisure activities. Tell them to plan the schedule so that their studies aren’t hampered. Try to get involved in your child’s activities or competitions and offer suggestions or feedback. Your child will surely love this.

If your daughter has a fetish for the lipstick or lip balm, ask her to use a moisturizer till she is sixteen. Promise her that you will give her a lipstick as soon as she turns sixteen. Children also love to fiddle with gadgets like mobiles, cell phones, swatches and remotes.

Don’t reprimand them or else they will do and hide these activities from you. It’s better to set rules so that your child does not cling on to these gadgets. Parenting is quite similar to traffic jams. Most of us sound the horn when we feel helpless but taking a different course of action may be effective.