How To Curl Your Hair Using Flat Iron

How To Curl Your Hair Using Flat Iron

How To Curl Your Hair Using Flat Iron In modern times, the hectic schedule does not give the leisure to women engage in taking care of own self around the lock. Gone are the days when they would be able to sit, chat, gossip or even do each other’s hair.

With in such vogue, hectic lifestyle and schedules, most women instead of spending fortune at the salons, like to do their own hair. Heat styling is way too popular than any permanent styling as the same style can become boring. With heat styling a woman can do her hair differently each day or on different occasions.

But different hair styles do not mean different hair tools. You need not spend a fortune spending on different hair styling tools for each hair style. Since, flat hairstyles are such in vogue and with so many good flat irons available in the market; the best option would be to invest in a flat iron. No, do not get me wrong. We are indeed going to do a curly hair style today.

A flat iron can be versatile as it can be used to curl the hair as well. Hence, it is preferred by so many women. Each day you can have a different hair style, from curls to waves of chic polished straight hair style. However, popular the flat hair look may be, the curly hair is always associated with glam beauty. Hence, in spite of the straight hair style rage, curls are not intimidated. They occupy their usual niche in the fashion world.

Now the question is how to use a straightening flat iron to make curls? Invest in a good quality hair straightener. Many flat irons are wide in breadth. But if you are looking for the versatile one, go for a good quality which is narrow in breadth. Depending on the breadth, the size of the curls would vary.Start with the usual hair cleansing and conditioning.

Any dirt of grime in the hair would interfere with the conductivity of the hair and poise threat to it. After washing and conditioning your hair, let it air dry for a while. When it is almost dry, say ninety percent, dry the rest with a blow dryer. Put on some heat protective, curl defining hair styling product.

Let it get absorbed. Now clip your hair into several sections. Each section must not be more than n inch in breadth. The smaller the section is the better. If you use too much of hair at one go, the heat would not penetrate to style it properly. Moreover, once it is curled, too much of hair in a single tendril would weigh the hair down making you lose all the curls you made and make the look shaggy and messy instead.

Now, remove the clip from a section, starting from the back portion. Hold the section at the tip. Open the flat iron and gently, but firmly wrap the hair around the plate of the flat iron.

Do the wrapping as you would do on your curling tongs and then let go of the parting handle to let the other plate rest on the wrapped hair for some time. Count ten and then, part the plates and unwrap the section. You have your well defined tendril now. Do this to your entire head and mist it with a setting spray. Now you have the gorgeous curls without having to use any curling tongs at all!

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