How To Cross Check When Cutting Men’s Hair With A Razor

How To Cross Check When Cutting Men's Hair With A Razor

How To Cross Check When Cutting Men's Hair With A Razor Cross checking is considered as one of best and easiest ways of double check while cutting hairs. A downward motion with a razor is made while cutting men’s hairs. For purpose of cross check, hairs are pushed in opposite direction so that they are perfectly cut.

While having a cross check, a person must be careful about certain aspects. First of all, best and accurate results are obtained when a sharp razor is used for cutting hairs. Though cross check method may improve the results of blunt razor, hairs may not cut as desired. Similarly, it is also necessary that hairs are wetted properly for cut.

Dry hairs do not cut easily and even cross check may not help substantially in doing same. Hairs can be wetted by using a spray bottle containing water. If hairs start drying up quickly, extra amounts of water should be sprayed.

While cutting hairs, precaution should be taken that no areas, which are considered as too high, are cut before checking other areas that are contained in the same section. This is because it may happen that one area is trimmed too much and for matching with this area, other area would have to be trimmed accordingly.

How to Cross Check When Cutting Men’s Hair with a Razor

Cross check is easy to do. First of all, fingers are spread out and hands are run through the back of hairs. Movement of hand should be from bottom to top so that all the textured hairs stand up off the head. This makes cutting very easy.

These actions are repeated at each section of hairs in the back of head. Similarly, by making upward movement with fingers, hairs at the sides of head are cut. While cutting hairs, it must be ensured that no sections or pieces of hairs are longer than the surrounding sections or hairs.

If any longer pieces are found, these should be trimmed first. For trimming, longer hairs are first pinched between the fingers and they are then pulled out by applying little force. Razor is then combed down the hairs for trimming. Hairs must not be pulled very strongly as this may lead to pain. Pressure applied on all sections of hairs should be same.

After back and side of head have been trimmed, cross checking of hairs located at top of head is done. This section of head is trimmed by moving the fingers through the hairs from front to the back so that hairs stand off the head. Pieces and sections of hairs that are found too long are cut. While cutting hairs on the top of head, it must be ensured that no section of hairs is cut shorter than other section.

After hairs at the top of head are cut, all sections of hairs at the back and sides of head should be checked for hairs that are longer than other hairs. This is done by pinching hairs between the fingers. While working fingers into hairs, it must be ensured that desired texture of hairs has been obtained.