How To Create Sharp Eye Shadow Effects

How To Create Sharp Eye Shadow Effects

How To Create Sharp Eye Shadow Effects One makeup product that produces dramatic effects on face is eye shadow. Many shades of eye shadow are used by makeup artists for making the clients look beautiful and attractive.

Sharp eye shadow effects help a woman in gathering attention successfully. Proper eye shadow application can make eyes very much pronounced and deeply set. It is not necessary that only celebrities can wear eye shadow with sharp effects.

Similarly, it is also not necessary that for having sharp eye shadow effects, beauty salon is visited. By following certain steps, sharp eye shadow effects can be made at home. This type of eye shadow makeup can be done for any type of occasion, provided it is not overdone.

How to Create Sharp Eye Shadow Effects

For creating sharp eye shadow effects, things a woman requires are eye shadow of desired shade, eye shadow brush for application and tissue paper. For creating sharp effects, tissue paper is first folded in such a way that folded edge becomes a perfect straight line.

This side of tissue paper is held against the outer corners of eye. It must be ensured that tissue paper is clean and unused. Afterwards, tissue paper is slanted upward towards the temple. Effects of eye shadow application depend upon the expertise in holding and using tissue paper as it serves as a stencil.

A woman may not get desired looks in first few applications but later on, when she gains expertise, perfect looks may be obtained. Once tissue paper has been placed properly near the eye, a medium sized brush is taken with another hand and dabbed on eye shadow. This brush is then applied on outer area of eye. Rather than swiping, brush should be dabbed on the outer corners of eyes. It is followed by light outward movements of brush.

These movements must be made towards the tissue. For getting solid edge and sharper looks, it is necessary that eye shadow is brushed against the tissue paper. Unlike normal application, eye shadow is not applied loosely and is not faded at the edges. Once application of eye shadow is over, tissue paper is removed. It should be ensured that a well defined edge has been made.

Tissue paper used in applying eye shadow to the eye is discarded. All above steps are then repeated at other eye by using a new tissue paper. For ensuring that eye shadow applied to both the eyes is symmetrical and balanced, tissue paper must be held at same spot and in same direction on other eye.

If a woman is not satisfied with her looks and wants more dramatic effects, she can mix eye shadow and pigments. This way of creating sharp eye shadow effects leads to more pronounced colors.  For creating this type of effect, eye drops and mixing surface are also required.

For application, pigments are first mixed with little quantity of eye shadow on a clean mixing surface. Ration of these two products can be varied as per requirement. Mixture is then collected on the mixing surface so as to form a small mound. To this mixture, few drops of eye drops are mixed so that a paste is formed. For applying this paste to eye shadow, all the steps mentioned above are followed.