How To Create Intimacy In Marriage Without Sex

How To Create Intimacy In marriage Without Sex This article highlights some practical tips for a husband looking to raise intimacy level without sex with wife.

Fun in Beach and Park

You should spend quality time with her. You should make time to walk with her on a beach or in a park. You should find a secluded spot in a park and should show public affection to her by j stroking and brushing her hair.

You should together go into the beach waters and should throw water at each other.You should spend time in beach and can even have the fun by making home in sand. You should eat together in beach and park and should get back home in a tram or bus.You should not use your own car to travel to beach and park.

Use your Balcony Wisely

You should spend time with her in balcony in night and you should play with her when full moon vanishes inside cloud. When Moon comes out, you should reprimand Moon for peeking into your romantic activity. Then you should lift her in your arms and should walk in balcony.

Splash Water in Lake

Intimacy In marriage Without Sex

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Go with her to nearby lake. You should encourage her to put leg in water and you should also put leg in water. Both of you should start slowly splashing the water and without making each other wet. Then you should sit in another place and you should make a paper boat and write her name on it. You should push water boat towards her. You should make her do the same thing to you.

Use Chest to improve Intimacy level

Make her lie on your chest and stroke her hair. Give her neck area a simple massage and you should rub her back region. Make sure that you rub her without removing her dress and you should not put hands underneath her dress. Make sure that you do not rub her intensely as that can lead to sex. Then you should lie on her chest and make her stroke you. That would raise level of intimacy between couples.

Mirror intimacy

You should sit in front of mirror and make sure that you see her in mirror. You should kiss at her mirror image and give her a hot feeling. Then you should make her kiss at your mirror image and then you should make her sit on your lap facing mirror. You should nibble at her ear and you should communicate romantically by looking at mirror.

You can take photos to improve intimacy level

You should take photos together in digital camera and play photos in computer by sitting together. You should hold hands together and should give warm hugs and kisses in between to raise level of intimacy.

Help each other dress after shower

You should choose what lingerie she should wear and you should help her in lingerie wear. Give her sensual kiss and you should choose her top and bottom dress. You should help her in dressing and you should comb her hair. Make sure that she repeats that act on you and your intimacy would rise.

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