How to Cover Liver Spots

Liver spots are also called as age spots and are dark, flat and black marks that are found on skin. Sometimes, liver spots are also of gray or brown color. Liver spots generally appear on face but they are also reported commonly on back of hands, shoulders and arms. Main cause of liver spot is sun damage and these spots are mostly observed in people over 40 years of age.

However, in certain cases, younger people can also develop liver spots. Since liver spots destroy looks, many women cover these spots by applying makeup products. For example, different types of fade creams and chemical peels are used by cosmeticians for hiding or fading liver spots. Similarly, process called as dermabrasion is also helpful in fading liver spots. Apart from cosmetic preparations, there are some other ways also in which liver spots can be covered.

How To Cover Liver Spots

By wearing protective clothing, liver spots can be covered in an effective manner. For example, many women wear long sleeves clothing and gloves for covering liver spots on arms and hands. Similarly, wide brimmed hat can be worn for covering liver spots as well as for protecting skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of sun.

As said, application is makeup products is one of easiest and commonest ways of covering liver spots. These spots can be covered by using a foundation that is similar to skin tone. Foundation should be used on face, hands and neck for covering these spots. Similarly, concealer is also used for covering liver spots. For application, small amount of concealer or foundation is taken on fingertip and is massaged into the skin.

However, a woman must apply foundation or concealer that is best suited to her skin. For example, foundations are easily available for dry, normal and oily skin. A woman must select one as per her skin type. It is better if advanced foundations and concealers containing sunscreen are used as these prevent further formation of liver spots.

Vinegar and lemon juice are also applied on skin directly for covering liver spots. Both of these have been found effective in fading out liver spots. Small amount of vinegar or lemon juice is applied on liver spots with the help of cotton pad and left for fifteen to twenty minutes. These are then washed off with normal water. When used regularly, vinegar and lemon juice results in permanent fading of liver spots.

For covering liver spots, creams containing mild bleaching agents can also be applied. These creams are generally prescribed by dermatologists. Very often, hydroquinone is prescribed along with mild steroids and retinoids for covering and fading liver spots over a period of time. Similarly, there are some over-the-counter fade creams that contain hydroquinone glycolic acid and are effective in covering age spots. These creams penetrate deep into the skin and treat pigment for hiding liver spot. In some cases, side effects like itching or redness of skin may be reported.

Liver spots can be treated through laser therapy treatment also. In this treatment, melanocytes or pigment containing cells are destroyed by laser rays. However, for getting noticeable results, several sessions of treatment are required

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