How To Cornrow Men’s Hair At Home

One of hairstyles that have become very common in past few years is cornrow. Cornrows are also called as braids. In this hairstyle, hairs are braided so as to form continuous and raised rows.Though straight cornrows are most popular, curvilinear and geometric designs can also be made. One remarkable feature of this hairstyle is that it can be worn by men, women and children.

Men have been found very crazy about cornrows, as it provides an altogether different look to them. Cornrows are not meant for any particular type of hairs, though it is primarily worn by African-American people. Cornrow is considered as a low-maintenance hair style as it can be left for many weeks.

However,it is necessary that regular oiling of scalp and careful washing of hairs is done. In the absence of oiling of scalp, dandruff can appears, which lead to severe hair loss. If a man wishes to get this hairstyle,he must have hairs that are minimum two inches long. Men can wear different types of cornrows, from basic to wilder ones.

There are also some restrictions associated with this hair style. For example, some employers in United States have deemed cornrows unsuitable for job. In fact, some of them have banned this hairstyle.

How To Cornrow Men’s Hair At Home

In order to cornrow men’s hairs at home, a person needs rat tail comb and a wide tooth comb. First of all, with the help of rat tail comb, hairs are parted so as to create hairline.These hairs are then brought straight back to the nape of neck. It is not necessary that all the hairs are parted at once.

Rather, hairs on one side of head can be parted. Afterwards, a second part parallel to one made earlier is created. The distance between these two parts depend upon the liking of a person.

If thick cornrows are required, distance between the two should be more and if thin cornrows are required, distance should be less. Thin cornrows look more attractive than thicker ones.

If hairs are thick or are curly and it is difficult to part those with rat tail comb, wide tooth comb can be used. All the sections of hairs should be combed thoroughly.

Afterwards, a small section of parted hairs at the hairline is taken and it is divided into three equal parts. By moving towards the back part of head, this section is braided. In no case, braiding should be started at the tip of hairs.

While braiding, hairs are pulled from the parted section and are added to the braid. As a result of this action, braid gets attached to the scalp and a cornrow is formed. By adding hairs into the braid continuously, movements toward back region of head are made.

If there are more hairs available for braiding after reaching the nape of neck, these should be braided without attaching them to anything. End part of parted section is also braided in a simple manner. If needed, cornrows can be adorned with cowry shells or beads.

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