How to Cope with Oily Skin this Summer

Dealing with oily skin is a difficult task and maintaining it in the summer is a challenge.

The heat of the summer winds aggravates oily skin and causes it to secrete more oil; this leads to the skin being at a greater risk of acne breakouts and blackhead formation.

If you have oily skin and are worried about its reactions to the hot weather then you need to read our tips on how to save your skin.

There is no way to control or reduce the amount of oil the skin is producing so the only thing you can do is keep your skin clear. Washing your face at regular intervals is one is the simplest ways to eliminate the oil from your skin.

Ideally you would need to wash your face every 3 hours to get rid of the oil and shine from the surface of your skin. Products that are specially formulated for oily skin are great as they help to control the secretion of oil.

While washing your face is important it is only a topical treatment; to get rid of the oil from the pores you will need to steam your face. Don’t steam your face too often in summer as it is already being exposed to harsh weather. Steam your face once every fortnight in summer to get rid of the oil and dirt that clog your pores.

Pampering your oily skin in summer is a great way to prevent the skin from reacting negatively to the harsh weather. Spray rose water on your face at regular intervals to keep the skin fresh and devoid of an oily shine.

Rose water has an astringent effect on your skin and it keeps the pores clean and clear of oil and dirt. It also prevents clogging that may lead to blackheads and acne breakouts.

Oily skin needs to be hydrated well in summer internally as well as externally. Drinking plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and avoid caffeine based drinks like coffee and tea is the best way to hydrate your skin internally.

You can also hydrate your skin externally by using a good moisturizer on your skin daily in the night. Avoid creams and lotions that are oil based; water based creams are your best option. Look out for products that contain Aloe Vera to help you hydrate your skin without clogging your pores.