How To Cope Up With a Bad Haircut

Having been through a bitter experience at a hair saloon, and looking like a terrible misfit, it seems quite justified to sit down and curse your hairstylist; however neither tears nor can hurling abuses can fix the problem.

Leave aside, whatever has happened and think of how to solve the problem, since most hair mishaps, be it asymmetric cuts or the wrong shade of hair color, can be solved easily. Since, you cannot get your old hair back after they have been cut, your need to change them with further cutting or styling to get the new look.

Once you’re through with all the mourning, put on a scarf or a hat and go back to your hair stylist. Explain your problem, as well as any solutions that you have in mind while also letting your stylist think can decide about what else can be done. If your problem is genuine and your stylist is humble, he won’t really charge you anything for repairing the damage he has done to your hair. There is no need for you to feel awkward about going back to your stylist, since it is your stylist’s mistake and above all you have paid dearly for his services.

Anyways, if you’re not comfortable going back to the same hair saloon than the second best option is to try a “do it yourself” at home. Some friend, family member or your partner can assist you in the process. All you need are basic things like a pair of cutting scissors, some clips and grips, a hair brush and hair dryer, and look for a corner in the house which has ample lighting and one or two big mirrors to look into.

In case, your stylist has done a very terrible job and it seems difficult to sort out the problem at home, don’t try cutting your hair any further because you might just end up worsening the situation. Make use of hair styling products to set your hair in a different way so as to hide the faults of your hair stylist, also hair accessories such as pins, clips and bands can be used to conceal those odd clumps of hair and organize them into a more suitable pattern. And give your hair some time to grow back and then you can think of restyling them later on.