How To Control Baby Eczema

How To Control Baby Eczema

How To Control Baby Eczema Eczema is a very common skin disease which results in inflammation and redness on the skin. This condition mostly occurs in babies and older children and tend to fade away with time. But some instances of eczema last for a lifetime.

This condition is not dangerous or anything that can cause harm to your child. But this condition can become one of the reasons for irritation and constant crying in babies. Itching sensation in babies suffering from eczema can leave your baby and you sleepless all night. Your babies cries for help can become a matter of worry and concern to you too.

A number of factors like certain irritants, climatic factors, lack of cleanliness etc. can trigger eczema in babies. It is best to start taking measures to control the symptoms of eczema in babies as soon as you detect it. Most parents tend to ignore eczema thinking that it could be a mere rash and by the time they realize its eczema, it is too late. So any kind of rash on your baby’s skin should not be ignored. You will have to follow certain tips and remedies on a daily basis to control your baby’s eczema.

Choose Mild Skin Care Products

Baby’s have soft, sensitive and delicate skin and it is very important to choose the right kind of skin care products for your baby. Stick to baby products only as those are made for the sensitive skin of the baby. Any harsh chemical can have a negative impact on your baby’s skin. Any allergen from any chemical from various skin care products can worsen baby eczema. Ensure that you buy skin care products that are free of scents or any sort of fragrance. Such products are likely to irritate your baby’s skin. You can also seek a dermatologist’s recommendation before picking skin care products for your baby.

Bathing Instructions

Babies do not need to be bathed everyday. They stay in the comforts of their home most of the times and hence remain clean. Excessive bathing can pull out all moisture from your skin. Dryness is one of the factor that can deteriorate eczema. So it is very important to maintain  the moisture of the baby’s skin. You can bathe your baby 2-3 times a week. Use a mild soap for bathing your baby. Then wipe your baby’s entire body properly.

Wipe all folds and diaper area thoroughly. Then moisturize your baby’s skin with a good quality moisturizer. Moisturizing skin on a regular basis will relive the baby from eczema. However, in hot and humid weather conditions you can choose to wipe your baby’s body everyday. It is very important to keep your baby’s skin clean to subside the symptoms of eczema. Unhygienic conditions can also contribute in triggering eczema.

Pick Suitable Clothes And Fabrics

You will have to pay special attention while picking clothes for your baby. Choose light and cotton clothes for your baby. Certain fabrics might look good but can irritate your baby’s skin. Also ensure that you pick cotton bed covers, blankets and even towels made of pure cotton. Your job does not end here. You will have to pick a good quality detergent free of harsh substances as almost anything can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. So ensure that you pick comfortable clothes and fabrics for your baby.

Avoid Certain Foods

You will have to keep track of all the foods that goes into your baby’s mouth. Some kind of foods are known to trigger and worsen the symptoms of eczema. You will have to make a list of all such foods and make sure that you keep such foods away from your baby. Certain dairy products, fishes, nuts etc. can deteriorate the symptoms of eczema.

Foods rich in fats and sugars are also likely to worsen eczema. So make sure that you exclude such foods from your baby’s diet. You can include plenty of fruits and vegetables juices to your baby’s diet as these are a rich source of antioxidants and helps detox the body. Plenty of fluids and water are a must for your baby as fluids and water hydrates the skin and keep skin problems like eczema at bay. Make sure that you feed your baby the right kind of foods.

Natural Remedies

You can also try some simple natural remedies which works wonders for baby eczema. Oatmeal helps a great deal in soothing the skin and also subside the symptoms of eczema. You can try adding a cup of oatmeal to your baby’s bath and bathe your baby with the same water. This works wonders for eczema and other inflammatory diseases of the skin as well.

A number of other skin care products containing oatmeal like soaps and moisturizers are also available in various stores. You can also choose those for your baby. You can also directly apply the paste of oatmeal powder mixed with cold milk to the affected areas of your baby’s skin. Applying Aloe Vera gel on affected areas and using products containing the same also helps control baby eczema.

Seek Medical Help

You should also take your baby to a dermatologist for regular checkups. He/she might even prescribe topical cremes for your baby’s condition. A lot of topical creams work really well for treating baby eczema. Your dermatologist will check your baby’s skin and prescribe the ones that suits best for your baby. These are likely to help soothe the symptoms and make your baby feel better.

You will have to watch your baby and make sure that it does not scratch itself. Also keep your home and surroundings clean as your baby is likely to get affected by germs and dirt while crawling etc. Lay clean mats and sheets on the floor in areas of your house where your baby crawls to protect your baby’s skin.

Also maintain normal to cold temperatures at your home for your baby. Extreme hot or cold climatic conditions can also have a negative impact on your baby’ skin. So maintain normal and comfortable temperatures at your home. Do not ignore any skin condition and do the necessary to control all skin disorders including baby eczema.