How to Conceal your Pimples with Makeup

Pimples or acne is a common problem that nearly every woman faces once in her lifetime, if not more often.

You cannot avoid the outbreak of pimples, and treating them takes lot of time, but concealing them with cosmetics can help you look good and flawless, instantly.

Today, there are variety of good quality concealers available in the market which can mask these undesirable blemishes. While selecting a concealer, one must make sure that it is of good quality, oil free, does not block your skin pores and matches well with your skin tone.

Also make sure that it has a green or yellow base or undertone which masks the redness caused by the pimples. Don’t over apply the concealer as it may give you a negative result.

Before using a concealer, you must apply some anti-acne gel first and then apply the concealer either with clean fingertip, sponge, makeup brush or a cotton swab.Let the concealer dry completely and then use powder to blend it with your skin.

Finally cover it up with the foundation. For best effect, you can apply a mineral powder foundation that matches your skin tone.These foundations last a full day and have oil control properties.Thus your face will look clean and fresh throughout the day.This type of foundation is best for oily skins.

Apply these foundations evenly on the face.

Avoid using rosy blush as it can emphasize the spots and blemishes. These days, makeup products available in the markets aim at only covering up the pimples.But they are usually very thick and thus give you a patchy look. Still there is no harm trying because you might find some suitable product.

Tinted products can also be used to make the pimples less visible; however, you must avoid applying a tinted product on the jaw line or on the neck as it can rub against your clothing and get smudged.

Instead you can use a tinted moisturizer. Go for a skin toned moisturizer which will blend well with the pimples and the marks. Sometimes on light acne, even a dab of normal powder works well.

Another easy trick is to mask the pimple with a beauty mark sticker or an eye liner to make it look like a mole.

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Sidharth Thakur