How To Conceal Blemishes For Having Flawless Skin

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conceal blemish Blemish is a common term used for acne scars and pigmented patches on the skin. There are many reasons due to which blemishes are resulted. For example, blocked pores, pimples, acne, scarring and skin rashes are some of commonest reasons due to which blemishes occur on face.

Blemishes destroys beauty of a person and despite having good features, a person does not look attractive. Women have been found very particular about blemishes and they really do not want a single scar on their face. Though there are many ways in which blemishes can be prevented, these are usually found on face of many people. There are some ways in which blemishes can be hided perfectly for looking beautiful and attractive.

How To Conceal Blemishes For Having Flawless Skin

One of best ways of concealing blemishes for having flawless skin is concealer application. Concealer is basically a creamier foundation that contains added pigments for different parts of face. There are many types of concealers available in market that promises flawless skin. These concealers are also used for hiding under-eye patches.

Concealers are available in different forms. For example, a person can choose from cake or stick or cream concealers. Since face is to be handled with hands for applying concealer, it is very necessary that hands are washed properly with soap. Oil or dirt present on hands can aggravate the condition. Choosing a concealer is as important as hiding blemishes. Concealer should be chosen on the basis of type and color of blemish that is to be hided. These are usually found in three colors viz. yellow, green and lavender.

If dark bluish colored patches or reddish spots or dark circles have to be concealed, yellow tone concealer is considered as the best. Similarly, if dark under eye circles or yellowish skin coloration is to be hided, lavender concealer is the best to apply. Many estheticians believe that lavender concealer is the best option for people with tanned skin. Last but not the least, green concealer is used for hiding red colored spots and pimples. People suffering from rosacea should also apply green concealer.

Once right type of concealer is selected, it should be applied directly on the blemish for hiding it. This can be done using fingers or a brush. Concealer is usually applied in circular motion and its edges are blended well with the surrounding skin so that skin does not look like patchy. Afterwards, foundation is applied in a downward motion. Area of face, on which concealer has been applied, must not be rubbed with excessive quantities of foundation.

One of best ways of applying foundation over concealer is to dab foundation by means of a sponge. This helps in keeping the concealer in its place perfectly. If foundation has been applied all over the face, it must be ensured that blemishes are perfectly covered. In some cases, extra dab of foundation may be necessary, which should be blended perfectly at the edges. However, if foundation is to be applied on affected area only, there must not be any demarcation lines.

As a last step, foundation is set with face powder. If concealer and foundation are applied correctly, no blemishes or other skin imperfections are generally noticed.

Some Tips

While applying concealer, there are certain tips that can be followed. For example, if dark marks over face have to be concealed, shade of concealer should be lighter than the color of these marks.

In place of concealer, masking cosmetic can also be used for concealing blemishes. Masking cosmetic is thicker than concealer and contains added pigment. It is generally used by people who have prominent blemishes on their face. For example, there are some skin irregularities that result in scars. These scars are not perfectly hided with concealer. Masking cosmetic is set with a special type of setting powder. After setting, oil-free foundation is applied over it with the help of brush or sponge. If needed, powder may also be applied over foundation.

Though fingers can be used for applying concealer, sponge or eye shadow brush is considered as better. This is because fingers may aggravate the existing skin condition finger.

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While choosing concealer, foundation and other makeup products used in hiding blemishes, a person should be very careful. This is because there are some makeup products that contain oil. Application of these products can aggravate acne. It is said that always quality makeup should be bought. If any doubt is created regarding use of any makeup product, a dermatologist or esthetician should be contacted. Since there are many types of foundations available, it is better if formulas of these are read carefully.

Foundations with blemish-concealing ingredients offer a better coverage than others. As a matter of fact, a person should buy concealer, foundation and face powder that have been prepared for working together. These are normally available as a kit. Shade of these three products should match with the complexion of skin. A better way of finding right shade is to test the color at the jaw line. Wearing of a too dark or too light shade can make blemishes more prominent.

For ensuring that concealer or foundation does not cause any allergic reaction, these should be first applied on hidden spot on the neck or face. If any allergic reaction occurs, other brand should be chosen and tested.

Before going to bed, foundation and concealer should be washed away with face cleanser. Face should not be rubbed with towel, as it can aggravate the condition. Rather, it should be patted and dried. Afterwards, acne medications should be applied.

If blemishes on face are due to severe acne, special products have to be used for concealing them. Ingredients of these products contain silicone generally for hiding redness as well as scars perfectly. These special products should be used in conjunction with medications for acne treatment. These special products are prescribed by dermatologists on the basis of skin type.

For hiding acne pits, cake-type concealer or cream is applied into the pits by means of fine brush. The color of concealer should be one shade lighter than foundation. However, if dark patches have to be hided, color of concealer should be two shades lighter than foundation.
Heavy use of concealer should be avoided as it highlights lines and wrinkles on face. If needed, concealer can be diluted with a drop of water.