Combing Tips For Guys

How To Comb Guys' Hair

How To Comb Guys' Hair Hair care has always remained the forte for women. With men growing fashion conscious regarding their upkeep and looks, hair care for men has become as important as it is for women.

One of the most important factors that play an important role in combing a guy’s hair is the hair comb. To learn how to comb a guy’s hair, you will have to first learn and acqiaint yourself about various combs that are compatible with the respective hair textures.

Various Combs Used for Combing a Guy’s Hair

 Natural-Bristle Brush

 These brushes are best suited for combing rough hair. The soft bristles of the brush make it easier for men to drag the comb through the thick and coarse hair without damaging the hair strands. The texture of the bristles help to dispense the essential oils present in the scalp and thereby make the coarse hair look healthy and shinning.

Plastic-Tip Brush

For short hair, a hard-bristled plastic tip brush will help to keep the hair in place for further styling. The soothing tips of the brush play an important role in enhancing blood circulation in the scalp. This will prevent the occurrence of dandruffs.

Wide-Tooth Comb

The wide toothed comb is best suited to comb curly hairs. The wide distance of the bristles makes it easy to run the wide toothed comb through the length of the curled hair.

Steps to be Followed for Combing a Guy’s Hair

Once you have chosen the appropriate comb for your hair, use it gently to eliminate all the knots in your hair. Always comb at the ends first and then start from the roots to the end. In case you have long hair, use your fingers to detangle them before using a comb. Avoid vigorous combing of the hairs as this will cause hair fall. The roots of the hair get detached from their hair glands leading to conditions like baldness.

Damp hair should never be combed. The roots being moist get easily separated from the hair scalp. Wait for the hair to dry before applying a comb.Use as little hair dryer as possible. Allow the hair to dry naturally. Too much of hot air dries the hair strands, damaging their quality. Once the hair dries out, apply a spritz product on the hair and dampen again with water. This helps to retain the moisture of the hair.

You need to take special care when combing textured and colored hair. Since coils and curls used in styling the hair make the hair follicles more prone to damage, special care needs to be taken when combing them. Use very light pressure on the comb to separate the hair strands in such cases.

Finally, before you start to comb your hair, wash the gel and spray that you used on your hair to style it. These hair products render the hair “crunchy” thereby increasing its chances of breakage when combing. You can always learn how to comb a guy’s hair from a hair specialist.