How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is as important as making sure your cosmetics are not beyond the expiry date so that they don’t cause you any infections.

And yes, cleaning them might seem like the easiest thing, but washing them with water does not ensure that the brushes are really clean. The necessity of cleaning the brushes is not just to ensure it’s not contaminated, but also to avoid clinging of your makeup to the oily strands of your brush.

The material that the brushes are made of can range from anything from just plain plastic to natural animal hair depending on the quality of the brushes.

Washing them doesn’t really require any special products. All you need to do is wash them with warm water and soap or shampoo to make sure that the oily layer on the brush is removed. Extra care has to be taken while washing the brushes used for lipstick since these are especially oily and need special soap that is good at removing oil.

Make sure you are gentle while washing them, since washing them with all your might can end up causing more damage to your brush than preserving them.

There is another way you can make your own cleanser. Just mix about a couple of drops of your shower gel with tea tree oil in a small bottle and shake them hard until they form a mixture. This is an ideal cleanser that has an added advantage of keeping the softness of your brush along with keeping them clean.

Now that your mixture is done, wet your brush with lukewarm water and squirt a small amount of the mixture on your palm. Now move your brush in circular manner over the solution on your palm so the hair of the brush is mixed well with the sloution.

Now that this is done, wash the brush with water again and place them on a towel until they dry up.

Another great disinfectant to protect your brushes is a mixture of water and vinegar. This works quite effectively if you want to keep your brushes free from bacteria. Make sure the ratio of vinegar and water is 1:2

Remember never to dry your brushes using a dryer or try to sterilize them by cleaning them in boiling water. This only damages your brush more. Keep your brushes clean by washing them regularly.

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