How To Clean A Cartier Watch

How To Clean A Cartier Watch

How To Clean A Cartier Watch A Cartier watch is a master piece given by the French fashion experts which gives you the freedom to flaunt your fashion senses and also a boost of incomparable confidence. The vast range of time pieces and fashion that this brand allows has the strength to make anybody become self indulgent.

The ranges of watches are among the best gifts for any special occasion and also a treat for self pampering. A Cartier watch speaks for itself and defines your personality. The intricate design embodying the inbuilt technology and manufacturer’s skill to maneuver perfection at its best leaves us spellbound and speechless. A Cartier is among your pride collection and the reverence that it holds for art itself can speak volumes about your personality and grace.

When we own a thing of beauty and elegance it is also important to know the right maintenance and care required to lengthen the longevity of the same. A Cartier watch is not only a thing of beauty but also a proud display of technology. This embodiment of aesthetics blended in modernity needs proper know how to maintain the beauty and glaze while appropriate handling techniques can determine how well the mechanics will perform.

The inspiring collection of wristwatches and distinctive accessories are marked with sporty flamboyance and unique elegance. The degree of accuracy the Cartier displays and the level of visual appeal it creates are things to cherish forever. Hence, to preserve such pieces of chic elegance is the duty and pride of the owner.

Certain facts to maintain Cartier wrist watches

A Cartier needs special attention but few typical facts on wrist watch and wrist accessory maintenance remains the same. Proper care and attention can expand the longevity of your priced possession manifold. It is recommended that you don’t put on a bracelet on the same wrist on which you wear your watch. This is done to maintain the glaze and shine of the accessory. Most watches irrespective of the type of make and material should be cleaned with a clean, soft cloth and not with water. This rule remains true for a Cartier watch also.

Battery life usually lasts for two to three years after which it begins to degrade and continuing with the same battery for long until it totally gives up may interfere with proper functioning of the watch. Hence, change the battery after the battery life period is over by an approved Cartier after-sales service outlet. Water resistance is an important factor; the same is guaranteed by employing a number of durable seals.

Guidelines To Be Followed To Clean A Cartier Watch

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After daily wear and tear and exposure to water it is recommended to check the water resistant power through approved Cartier after sales service outlets. Along with water resistance the movement must also be checked after a gap of few years as the oil thickness may dry up to an extent leading to cause improper functioning. The movement needs to be cleaned which is also done by Cartier after sales service outlets.

Guidelines To Be Followed To Clean A Cartier Watch

Cartier watches come in various types of make; leather, metal, rubber and even gold. Understanding and following the manual is important to properly clean the Cartier watch while ensuring not to disturb the delicate exterior or the precise interior mechanism. If you want to change the leather or rubber strap you should contact an authorized Cartier center so that you get original Cartier bands to be replaced with the old one.

This maintains the authenticity and original grace of the watch. In case of metal bracelet Cartier watch ensure to acquire a proper cleaning kit. Depending upon the frequency of wear you should clean your watch at least once in 45 to 60 days. This cleaning kit can be obtained from an authorized Cartier outlet. Cleaning kits can be obtained from other acclaimed branded stores as well. A cleaning kit usually consists of a soft brush, a watch cleaning spray, a polishing cloth and an instruction booklet to assist you in cleaning your Cartier watch.

Regular wear collects dirt, grime, pollutants that may interfere with the functioning and look of the Cartier watch. Proper steps should be followed to maintain and clean a Cartier watch. Ensure that the cleaning kit is not brought near inflammable objects or substances and also abstain from smoking while cleaning your Cartier watch.

Preliminary Cleaning

You should first spread a soft dry cloth preferably a clean towel on a plane surface. Then place the watch on its face on the cloth. Clean the back first using a clean cloth by rubbing gently around the delicate areas and firmly in between links. Follow the same process for the other side of the watch as well. Never use water directly to clean your Cartier watch. Frequent cleaning can maintain the sparkle of your Cartier watch even if you are using it on a regular basis.

Cleaning for Gold Plated Cartier Watch

Clean your gold plated Cartier watch by using a damp soft cloth which will restore the shine and glaze. But if the cleaning isn’t to your satisfaction then smudge a bit of toothpaste on the soft cloth and rub the intricate areas. Rub well and firmly and then follow by wiping off any remaining toothpaste by using a slightly dampened cotton swab. After this again rub the gold plated wrist band with a damp clean cloth. This will definitely bring a lot of difference to the shine and sparkle of your gold plated Cartier watch.

For gold Cartier watches sometimes exposure to certain reactive emissions like sulphur may leave a tarnished look. In such cases you can take the watch to a jeweler or acquire a gold polishing cloth to clean the watch. This can restore the previous shine and glow. Also take care that your Cartier doesn’t receive scratches from other metals or sharp objects.

For Leather Strapped Cartier Watch

Leather is a beautiful priced object but also delicate to an extent. Take care of your leather strapped Cartier watches to avoid direct contact with water and other fluids which can hamper the longevity of the leather. Ensure to visit only authorized Cartier after sales service centers for proper maintenance and authenticity of parts. Proper care and maintenance will assist you to exhibit your prized Cartier watch for years. Just follow the proper steps to ensure no harm to the delicate object.

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