How to Choose Travel Apparel

Traveling for leisure or for business requires a great deal of minute planning. If planned properly, each and every trip can become a memorable experience.

Besides planning the destination and mode of travel, factors like climatic conditions and period of stay have to be prepared well ahead of time to make any trip successful.

While traveling, people often make mistakes with their clothes i.e. carrying cotton dresses for a trip to a cold country or carrying extravagant fur coats while traveling to countries with hot climates. Several factors have to be considered while choosing travel apparel.

Comfort is the primary factor to be considered while choosing traveling clothes. Choose only those clothes which can be worn on multiple occasions, locations and times of the day. Pack clothes which you can change quickly and easily especially if you are on a trekking expedition.

While choosing traveling apparel, look for non crushable and wrinkle free fabrics. Light weight mixed fabrics in darker colors is the best option for traveling clothes.  Also choose clothes with prints as dirt will be less visible on these kinds of clothes.

Climactic conditions play a major role in deciding the clothes you are going to carry for your trip. Woolen clothes and sweaters have to be packed if you are traveling to a cold country. On the other hand if you are planning to travel to places with a warm and humid weather pack fabrics like cotton which are light weight and have excellent sweat absorbent properties.

Respect the culture of the country you are going to visit. Research their clothing preference well ahead of time. Pack only those clothes which will help you to merge with the local crowd. Wearing tight or revealing clothes may be considered disrespectful in certain societies.

If you are traveling to hot climes pack clothes which have a special feature called Ultra violet protection factor rating. With the increase in the incidence of skin cancer investing in these types of apparel is extremely important. Choose fabrics with UPF’s between 15 and 50.

Clothing accessories like scarves and hats should be lightweight, wrinkle resistant and easily washable. These are a few factors to be kept in mind while choosing travel apparel.