How to Choose the Perfect Tote Bag

A tote bag is the prefect way to lug your things around. Women are known to carry various things in the bags (some of which are totally unnecessary) and a tote helps to keep all these things in place.

In order to keep up your appearances you need to have a tote that suits every occasion; formal or casual. With your formal attire you can sport a tote that is in a neutral color or something that is not flashy; however for a casual look or when you are headed to the beach you can go all out.

Here are a few tips to help you in selecting the right tote to suit all seasons, styles and designs:

The first thing to decide is the occasion. Like I said before you need to know where you are carrying the tote to. You can’t carry a leather tote to the beach neither can you carry a bejeweled tote to the office. Be wise with your choice of totes.

The size is also important. A tote for the beach needs to be large enough to carry a towel, change of clothes, sunscreen, snacks and shells that you pick up from the beach. However a tote for the office needs to be a bit more compact that will be enough to pack a bottle of water, your lunch and files (if you carry your work home). Determine the size of the tote before you set out to buy or make your tote.

Choose a color and material for your tote. A bright color for the beach is brilliant however for the office you will need to choose a darker color. You can get a printed tote for the beach but this won’t work for the office. You also need to pick the fabric carefully. Though you may think a cloth tote is great for a day at the beach you must consider the amount of sand that will stick to the fabric.

Make sure that you check the amount of pockets and compartments in the tote. If you have to carry files and dividers then you may want to invest in a tote with compartments. This comes in handy even for rainy days when you need to keep your wet gear separate. For the beach look out for a bag that has a detachable compartment; this gives you the flexibility to take out the pocket and keep your wet suit or towels.