How To Choose Summer Tops That Flatter Your Figure

How To Chose Summer Tops That Flatter Your Figure

How To Chose Summer Tops That Flatter Your Figure Summer is the season when people say goodbye to sweaters, jackets and pullovers and replace them with tops and other light clothes. Tops keep the body cool when temperature shoots up during the summer season. Apart from keeping you comfortable, top are great for flaunting your figure.

Men and women, who have shapely bodies, should select the right kind of tops if they want to flaunt the same. It has been noticed that people select summer tops on basis of colors only without giving a second thought to shape and fitting.

Though summer tops have been included in the category of casual wear, it is very necessary that summer tops are chosen with great care so as to achieve great looks. All types of summer tops do not look good on a particular person. There are many things that have to be considered while choosing a summer top.

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How to Chose Summer Tops That Flatter Your Figure

For flattering figure, it is very necessary that such summer tops are chosen that flaunt toned abs well. For example, many men and women have perfected shaped abs and if they do not flaunt them by wearing the right type of summer top, it is really useless to have such abs. For showing off a perfect figure or physique, belly-baring crop tops are considered the best.

How to Chose Summer Tops

These crops are available in many styles and colors and a person can choose one as per the skin tone and body shape. Dark colors are normally avoided in summers as these do not offer good looks or flaunt figure perfectly. Since dark colors also absorb heat, these are not recommended in summer. Stretch cotton summer tops are among the most liked apparels in summer.These allow body to remain cool. A person also feels comfortable by wearing these tops.

If a person has to pass time on the poolside, it is better if light colored stretch cotton tops are worn. Sleeves of summer tops also matter a lot when it comes to flattering one’s figure. For best looks, tops with half or 3/4th sleeves should be worn. If a woman has heavy upper arms, which is very common, wearing these tops becomes a necessity.

If a person is going out with friends to spend time at various outside locations, it is better if cotton T-shirt is worn. T-shirts are never out of fashion. On some occasions, a person may like to have formal looks. For example, a woman may be required to attend a function in a society. In such cases, jersey blouse can be worn. These tops also flatter figure perfectly.

Many women do not have perfectly shaped body. Such women normally wear loose-fit summer tops, which hide their curves perfectly. But these tops do not offer great looks. Such women can wear tops that gather at the waist. These tops hide curves perfectly and offer great looks too. Similarly, for balancing heavy hips, summer tops with wider cuts should be chosen. For enhancing small-sized busts,such tops should be worn that have ruffles or which gather around the breast. If shoulders have to be flaunted, racer-back tanks are considered as the best.

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