How To Choose Pre-walker Baby Shoes

How to Choose Pre-walker Baby Shoes

How to Choose Pre-walker Baby Shoes The feet of your baby are very different from that of adults. Your baby’s feet are soft, sensitive and not as well formed as that of a grown person. This is because the bones in your baby’s feet have not yet started to develop.

Instead of bones, the feet of a baby are made up of cartilages and there is also the absence of an arch in the feet.

 Requirement of Baby Shoes

Your baby will require pre walker baby shoes when he or she is able to take steps without the aid of someone else. At this stage, the feet of your baby will require extra protection. This is a stage when the baby will try to lift himself or herself up without any help and also try to walk towards someone or something.

The baby will also trip and fall at times because the baby has not started to develop balance or learned to take proper steps. This stage is a time generally somewhere in between seven months to two years of the baby’s age.

 Protection for Your Baby’s Feet

Since the feet of your baby are in the early stages of development, the cartilage in the feet is enclosed by a fleshy padding that protects the feet. This fleshy padding can be molded easily by the baby shoes that your baby wears. Thus the wrong kind of baby shoes can affect the correct formation of the feet of your baby.

Also, the growth of your baby’s feet can be affected adversely if the fleshy padding is constricted by the wrong kind of pre-walker shoes for your baby. For instance if your baby is made to wear socks which are too tight or shoes which fit firmly around the feet then it can limit the growth of baby’s feet. Tight shoes and socks can thus affect the natural growth of the feet of your baby.

 The Fit and Quality of Pre walker Shoes

The protection of the feet of your baby is of prime concern at this stage and this is why the fit of the pre walker shoes needs to be right. The fit of the shoes is very important because the nerve ending on the feet of your baby have not yet developed. Thus your baby may not be able to feel it when the shoes are too firm.

Choose Good Pre Walker Shoes

Therefore the pre walker shoes which you choose for your baby need to be of a good quality and also a good fit. Nowadays these baby shoes also come in a lot of different styles so you can choose different colorful ones for your baby.

For these reasons you will need to choose pre walker shoes for your baby that provides care as well as comfort. The following points will help you to choose the right kind of pre walker shoes for your baby’s feet.

 How to Choose Good Pre Walker Shoes for Your Baby

A baby shoe needs to have certain characteristics so that they fit on your baby’s feet properly. Also, the shoes for your baby need to provide comfort so that your baby’s feet can develop and grow in their natural manner. Firstly, choose from baby shoes that come in a wide range of fittings. This will help you to find the correct size of shoes for your baby’s feet. Remember that while shoes which are too tight constrict the growth of a baby’s feet, shoes that are too large may trip the baby and make him or her fall.

Secondly, buy pre walker shoes which come with fasteners. These shoes will hold the feet of your baby in place. Shoes that do not have fasteners can come off easily or the child may even throw them off as part of playing.

Thirdly, if the baby shoes come with leather uppers, you have to make sure that the leather is very soft. If the leather is not soft, it will rub against your baby’s feet and cause irritation. Stiff leather will also constrict the shape of your baby’s feet. Also, the leather uppers need to be of high quality so that they remain durable and strong.

Fourthly, like the feet of adults, your baby’s feet also need to breathe. Hence you should always choose pre walker shoes which have breathable linings. These light linings will help your baby’s feet to breathe and let the perspiration escape instead of being trapped in the shoe.

Fifthly, another important point to remember while buying baby shoes is the fact that the soles of the shoes need to be light and non-slip. This is because your baby is still learning to walk and thus the steps that the baby takes can be a little clumsy. Hence if the soles of the shoes are too smooth, they can make your baby slip and fall easily. Also, shoes that are of lightweight help your baby to move around much more easily than shoes which are heavier.

However, once your baby starts to cruise, you will need shoes which are made of stronger material. This is because your baby may easily run over sharp objects or the baby’s feet may hit things like walls and doors. Unless the soles of the shoes are made of a stronger material, they will not be able to protect the feet of your baby from hurting.

Finally, the baby shoes which you choose for your baby need to fit the shape of your baby’s feet. Also, it is better if the shoes come with some room for the toes to grow. Otherwise your baby’s toes may be curled up inside the shoes. This is a stage when the feet of babies grow quite quickly so your baby may outgrow the shoes in a span of 6 to 8 months. This is why the shoes need to have growing room for the toes. Therefore you will also need to check the size of your baby’s feet often to see whether they have grown.

For more help, you can also consult your friends and family regarding the shoes that will be perfect for your baby’s feet.

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