How to Choose Fragrances for Women

Choosing a fragrance for a woman who is perhaps a friend, your mother, your sister or your lady love can be a daunting task. It can be really tricky if you have to gift her a fragrance that she would like to wear. And for that you need to know her  inside out and thoroughly.

Not all people have the same taste of fragrances and so you have to dwell a lot on her personality  to learn more about her choices and selections. It shows how well you know her and of course how much you care.

Gifting her  with a heady perfume that does not match her persona is not what you would like to do. Choosing the right one, as I had  pointed out is difficult as when you opt to buy a perfume for some person. You also need to consider a few more things to look into all this.

When you take a whiff of the perfumes for choosing them, you need to give your nose a rest after you take at least three to  five scents. You would surely be able to differentiate between the scents if you sniff less and this would help you to choose  the best from among them.

First, you should know well about the woman’s personality before you consider anything else. She should also be able to  decipher herself which perfume suits her well.

Perfumes contain the essential oils and so they are therapeutic to a certain  extent. The eau de toilettes and the colognes are the usually milder perfumes. For the older and the more sophisticated  women, the strong perfumes suit them more while younger spirited women can go for the lighter perfumes.

For a formal wear  like the office wear or the party wear, the ladies can go for a perfume in floral fragrances.It is quite confusing choosing the right perfume for the lady.

So if you are a man who is out to choose a gift of perfume for  your lady friend, get to know what perfume appeals to her and that is the easiest way to get her a perfume. This is how you  may never go wrong and land up with something that is not her choice. You can save a lot of hassle if you get to know her choice of  perfume better.