How to Check the Authenticity of Pearls

Pearls are no more for the ‘older woman’. These days women in their twenties wear pearls and show them off with pride. If you are on the lookout for a string of pearls then don’t get carried away by the different designs that you come across.

There are various types of pearls and unfortunately there are several replicas and fakes available that look like real pearls.

Here are a few tips that will help you to buy authentic pearls:

Before you set out to buy pearls you need to know a little about the pearls that you are going to buy. There are several differences between fresh water and cultured pearls and learning more about these differences will prevent you from getting fooled.

Rubbing pearls lightly against each other will reveal their authenticity. If the pearls are original the friction will make them feel hot however there will be no loss of color or chipping on the pearls. Replica pearls however will show signs of chipping.

You can bite into a pearl lightly to check its authenticity. Real pearls will feel rough when you rub them against each other. This means that the pearls will feel sandy when you bit into them or rub them against your teeth however fake pearls will feel smooth against your teeth.

Use a magnified glass to check the pearls. If they look grainy then they are imitations. Real pearls look scaly and they do not have cracks in them.

A pearl can withstand fire and heat. This can be put to the test to check the authenticity of the pearl. Light a candle and run the string of pearls through the flame. If they do not show any signs of discoloration or damage they are authentic pearls. Fakes on the other hand will show signs of burns, discoloration and even change in shape after being put through the heat test.

A real pearl will have certain minor imperfections. This is true for cultured pearls and fresh water pearls. Fakes on the other hand are made perfectly and they do not show any flaws in them. Look for minute flaws with the help of a watchmaker’s eye glass.

Under direct sunlight a real pearl will bounce of and radiate light and split it into the different colors of the spectrum. Look for this feature in the pearls that you choose to buy.