How to Chase Away Bad Hair Days

Every woman, no matter how big a diva she may be has suffered and will suffer from bad hair days. These are inevitable and there is very little that one can do to prevent this. Note, I have said that there is very little that you can do to prevent it; I haven’t said that there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. So, listen closely as I have some information to share with you on how you can prevent a bad hair day. These are tips that I use whenever I feel my hair is acting up or when on days when my hair refuses to behave.

The best way to prevent bad hair days is to prevent damaging your hair permanently. This means that no more heat treatments on your hair. Dry your hair naturally and if you must curl or straighten your hair then do it on a low temperature. As long as you keep heat treatments away from your hair you will not see bad hair days as you will prevent long term damage to your hair.

Dry hair looks fizzy and is difficult to manage. In order to prevent this you must always keep your hair well conditioned and moisturized. Always use a conditioner and shampoo that suits your hair type. If your hair is very dry then you can use a leave in conditioner or a serum on your hair.

Residue of the products that you use to clean your hair can be one of the causes of bad hair days. In order to prevent this you need to wash your hair well in order to get rid of the residue from your hair. You can increase the water pressure to ensure that the product is washed off from your hair completely. Also remember that residue in your hair will lead to itching and may even cause flakes or dandruff.

In order to prevent bad hair days you must use a satin pillow to sleep. In this way you will reduce friction on your hair at night and prevent static and hair breakage.

Using a hat or a scarf when you are outdoors to protect your hair is a good idea and it helps to protect your hair and prevent damage. Use a hat at all times when you are out of the house to prevent your hair from sun and wind damage.