How to Catch a Good Nights Sleep

Having a good night’s sleep is difficult. There are some habits which you must avoid for getting a full night’s sleep. If you are in the habit of eating heavily before going to sleep it would not be be wise to go to bed with a full stomach. Late night dinners are what can bring out GERD or a disorder in the gastro oesophagus region and cause the acid in the stomach to flow back into the esophagus causing a heart burn and acid reflux.

The sleep would be much uncomfortable. A bowl of porridge, some cereal, toast and peanut butter and crackers can help build the tryptophan levels in the protein and this helps to promote sleep.

Kids, stress and household chores can cause sleep hazards. You would find it difficult to fall asleep once you hit the bed and so you can start developing some good habits so that you fall asleep fast. For the new parents waking up in the middle of the night is a dilemma and you can try out some tips to find out what can be done for getting sleep that is uninterrupted.

You can maintain a routine and if your baby is up in the morning, you can help make up for some of the late nights that you spend by sleeping in the daytime while the baby sleeps. In fact you should catch some sleep the moment the baby sleeps.

You can choose an area that is well lit for the baby to catch a nap. This would help him to get smaller naps during day time so that you can get more sleep at night. Feeding the baby during the day would give him the needs for nutrition and that would be convenient to you. The baby can be fed in a dark room so that he is not easily distracted while getting fed and he sleeps well at night.

You can allow the baby to finish the first feed and then give him some more of the hind milk so that he can space the feeds during the nighttime. The baby can be carried in a sling and that would help him to sleep. The evening should not be filled with too much stimulation. If the young one has a relaxing bath it would also help him to get some good sleep at night.

Since fresh air and sunshine are good for the baby and the mother you can take a walk out with the baby in a sling or in a stroller and it would add to being a stress reliever.