How To Carry Thigh High Boots

Thigh High Boots

Thigh High Boots Thigh high boots are essentially boots which goes over the knees and up to the thighs, their lengths vary and they are made of different materials like leather, vinyl, synthetic fabric, latex, lycra, silk, suede and spandex. Black vinyl thigh high boots were the first of its kind, designed by its inventor Roger Vivier, a French fashion designer, in the 19th century.

Vivier is also the architect of Stiletto heels and square-toes pumps, the two most quintessential picks of women. The classic and famous celebrities were Roger Vivier’s patrons. One cannot question his talent, he had given many other shoe designers a run for their money. Tellingly, he was the precursor of intrinsic aesthetics followed by Pierre Cardin who remade these boots later.

Tips To Carry Thigh High Boots

The Rosy Success Makers

This collection had prudently fledged off some years ago, having a rosy success with no signs of degeneration. These boots have been known to be extremely attractive and kinky, with a soaring sex appeal. Brilliant designers like Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Givenchy have all modified this unique style in their own muse. It is a fact that these were the same boots once worn by the archetypal horse riders. Even though it is a far cry, the boots were not antediluvian then and neither is it now.

DetermineYour Comfort Call

These are a winter and fall collection gem, hence it is finest when worn in those seasons, not just to stay warm but also to keep the stylish fever on. Once into these boots you can mix and match clothes, however you should first determine the heel height and style you want to wear which varies from platform flats to metal spike heels and chunky heels. To choose your heel you should comprehend the style statement you want to make, subtle or bold, and of course, not forgetting your comfort calls.

The Right Attire to Complement

The best clothes that would go with these sexy pair of boots are colored leggings (of the same color that of the boots) and/or black/opaque leggings or tights. Super skinny jeans and jeggings would look good with suede and even leather thigh high boots. It is exceptionally smart and stylish.

High Boots

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You could also choose to pair them up with fur coats or trench coats and a hat, fedora for a classic look or maybe a sun hat or a street smart chic look. However these look amazing with a tee as well. It is a more casual yet a trendy outlook. Short or a little above the knee dresses paired up with these chic and stunning thigh high boots with a little skin showing between the boots and the dress are imminent to turn heads when you walk down the street.

Floral dresses and even skin tight dresses look stunning with these boots. Skirts look great too, a little over an inch skin show is no harm, but anything shorter than that calls for the leggings rescue.

Thigh high boots have conceitedly given way to a number of triumphant and unbeatable fashion run way projects. They are still flying high, carried forward by so many glamorous celebrities. Do not withdraw from getting yourself one of these fabulous attires and thus miss out on the fun.

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