How to Care for your Skin and Look Younger in an Instant

Every woman on this planet wants to have clear, hydrated and young looking skin. If you have large pores, blackheads, unclear skin or if you want to increase the moisture on your skin then we have a few tips that will prove to be beneficial.

How to take care of your skin?

The key to taking care of your skin is to avoid loading it with several different products. There are many natural remedies and home treatments you can use to improve your skin and increase the elasticity of your skin.

This will give you a youthful radiance. With the help of natural products you will be able to clean your skin, reduce the size of your pores, exfoliate your skin and also get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

Some useful home treatments to pamper your skin

In order to keep your skin healthy you will need to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis. This will help to get rid of the old or dead skin cells from your skin and generate new cells on the surface thereby giving your face a fresh glow.

Don’t shop at the drug store or the mall for exfoliation creams because you can make them at home. Mix olive oil with sugar and form a thick paste; apply this all over your face and skin and then massage the paste into your skin in circular movements.

This will improve the circulation in your face and exfoliate the dead skin cells too. Alternatively you could use baking soda with fresh cream on your face 2 to 3 times a week and massage it to get rid of the dirt and dead cells on your face. A paste of baking soda with water works well too.

Merely exfoliating your skin is not sufficient; you must pamper your skin on a regular basis to improve your skin. To do this you can mash fruits like bananas, strawberries or kiwis with honey or yogurt and massage the paste onto your face and neck.

Let the paste stay on your skin for a few minutes and then wash it with warm water. Pat your skin dry and then use a rich moisturizer on your skin to lock in the moisture.

If you suffer from acne, pimples or blackheads then you must steam your face for a few minutes. Wipe your face with a towel to get rid of the water vapors on your skin and then apply honey on your face and neck. This will help to give you a warm glow.