How to care for your eyes

A care for the most sensitive part of your face- the area around the eyes. For many of us, the area around the eyes is a genuine problem to care for. This area is one of the first to show up the signs of aging and also has a problem to retain fluid.

Many of us loose sleep about how to care for this are. Well, our team of experts has come up with some tips
on caring for the sensitive eye area:

1 – First of all, remember that some moisturizers ought not to be applied to the specified area as those cause it to puff up. And you don’t want puffy eyes, do you?

2 – Specialized eye creams or eye gels are needed if you are suffering with ageing or puffy eyes.

3 – To soothe, cool and reduce the swelling around the eye, place a metal spoon under running cold water for a small amount of time and then gently press the spoon onto the eye area.

4 – A traditional remedy is the thin cucumber slice. They are still a good medication to reduce puffiness and soothe sore, tired eyes.

5 – Apply creams which contain shark liver oil or yeast to the swollen area, these are incredible for reducing swelling.

6 – Place used tea bags in cold water and soak them for about 10 minutes, make sure they are cool enough and place them on the swollen area. Roll them softly inwards, Starting at the outer periphery of the

7 – Placing a thin slice of raw potato just beneath your eyes will help The potassium in counteracting dark circles.

8 – Keep your head in an elevated position while you are sleeping. It will encourage the fluids to drain off from the eye area.

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