How To Care For A Newborn

Care For A Newborn

Care For A Newborn Almost all of us wait to become parents at some point in our lives. The anticipation of holding your newborn in your hand starts from the day you know you are pregnant. The day you get to hold your newborn in your arms is definitely the most cherished moment of your life. But your life also takes a turn from this same day.

Your days will begin and end at your baby. It will be a whole new experience for you to take care of your newborn. Most parents remain clueless about what to do and what not to do to care for a baby. But everybody does manage to play their part perfectly. You can do your homework beforehand by reading plenty of books and by absorbing all the information given by the elderly. But in spite of all that raising a baby can be full of surprises. Few of these experiences might be pleasant while few others might not be as pleasant. So all you can do is await for these surprises every single day. Just go with the flow and enjoy parenthood as much as possible. However, here are some basic steps that all you new parents must know about how to care for a newborn.

Umbilical Cord

Umbilical cord is what connects you and your baby for all those months of pregnancy. At the time of the delivery the umbilical cord is cut to separate the baby from your body. This usually takes about 10 days to shed and is nothing much to worry about. Some solution or medication might be given to you by your doctor to apply it on the area so that it can dry and shed off fast. Here all you have to do is apply the prescribed solution as per the instruction. Also make sure that you keep the area clean and dry so that it sheds off without any problem. Do not panic if you spot few drops of blood as it is normal and it does not become the reason of pain for your newborn so you don’t really have to bother.


This is something you are going to be doing frequently. Breast feeding is the most efficient form of feeding a baby. This not only makes the baby feel full but also helps the mother and the baby share a bond and closeness which go a long way in life. You must make sure that you feed your baby every two hours in case of breast feeding. Some mothers who cannot breast feed their babies due to some reason or the other should feed their babies with formula prescribed by your doctor.

These formulas take time to digest and so it is good enough to feed a baby every four hours in case of formula feeding. After few months you do not have to feed your baby this frequently. One more thing that mothers need to keep in mind while feeding their babies from bottle is to make the baby burp. This is because in an attempt to suck the milk from the bottle the baby tend to take in lot of air which can form gas in the baby’s tummy. This might make the baby feel full fast and so it is very important to make the baby burp to release this air. So make sure that you feed your baby the right way.


This is the second thing that you will be doing very frequently. Make sure that you change your baby’s diaper frequently to prevent any diaper rash. Keep plenty of baby wipes in hand to clean the diaper area and the area around genitals. After changing the diaper make sure that you clean the diaper area and the genitals of your newborn well. Then wait for the area to dry before putting on diapers again. Even light amount of moisture can lead to diaper rashes.

Special attention should be paid to clean the genitals of your baby to avoid urinary tract infection.Girl babies are likely to discharge some drops of blood which is perfectly normal. In such cases make sure that you wash it off with water and wipe the area clean and dry. You might also observe a coating on your boy baby’s genitals tip which is again nothing to panic about. All you have to do is keep the tip of your boy babies genitals clean.


BABY BATH A newborn does not need to be bathed everyday. The baby is most of the time confined to your home itself and hence won’t get very dirty.  All you need to do is clean the folds of your baby’s skin and the genitals using plain water and then wipe his/her body using baby wipes. Use a mild baby soap to bathe your baby twice a week. Do not use any harsh chemicals on your babies skin as baby’s skin is very sensitive and should be dealt with care.

There is not much of cleaning required for your baby’s hair also. You do not have to wash your baby’s hair more than once a week. Use a mild baby shampoo and take not more than a drop of shampoo. After washing your baby’s hair wipe the hair dry gently and use a gentle baby hair brush to brush your baby’s hair. This will promote stimulation of the scalp and enhance blood circulation. This is all you need to do to keep your baby clean.

Babies are very sensitive and are prone to even slight amount of dust and impurities. So make sure that you keep your house free of all sorts of dust, dirt and other allergens. Make it a habit to wash your hands before you hold you baby. Set out the same set of guidelines to your partner as well. Keep your baby well covered in adequate layers of clothes. Do not over layer your baby with too many layers of clothes unless it is very cold. Keep your baby in comfortable conditions and temperatures. Make sure that you follow these steps to care for your newborn.