How To Calculate Conception Without A Period

How To Calculate Conception Without A Period

How To Calculate Conception Without A Period It is quite difficult to exactly determine the conception date in the normal cases. So in complex cases when you don’t even remember the time of your previous menstruation, it becomes an even taller task. However, there is a way to calculate the conception even if the last period date cannot be determined.

Tips To Calculate Conception Without A Period

Through the Previous Pregnancy Test

If you can remember when it is that you had the last home pregnancy test done there may be a way to salvage the conception date on your own. In a general scenario a pregnancy can be determined and confirmed after about two weeks of conception. However, this is also not that reliable since you may have gone further than the conventional two weeks before undergoing the test.

Let the Doctor Determine

A doctor is the best authority who can give rest to all the conjectures and guess works and give a positive and zeroed in conceiving date. One method that the physician applies to determine is through pelvic examination to gauze the size of the fetus. This is done either through palpation, or even a tape measure.

The size of the uterus increases with each passing week increasing the distance between the top of the pubic bone and to uterus. However again a tape measure is not that reliable. This increasing length may in reality be nothing but a red herring due to presence of multiple fetuses, fibroids or even increased volume of amniotic fluid. And in the later stages of pregnancy using a tape measure for accuracy becomes nothing short of a joke.

Ultrasound Technique

This technique to determine the date of conception can be determined accurately during the first 3-12 weeks of the fetal life and is best done between the first seven to ten weeks. Even till 22 weeks the ultrasound age determination can be relied upon.

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However once the third trimester is reached there begins a scope for doubt because the accuracy starts to decrease rapidly and when the age of the fetus is considered in such a case it is necessary to give a plus or minus three weeks wide berth. Trans-vaginal ultrasound is much more accurate as compared to the abdominal one during the first trimester of fetal age. Because in case of the abdominal ultrasound there remains a scope of error in the house of around 1.6 days of the baby’s age.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

If you are that desperate for the accurate conception date it is better to start on as early as possible. Try to visit the physician as and when you know that pregnancy has occurred. The best determination is done in the first trimester of pregnancy since the fetal size is within limit which makes it easier to calculate.

Starting from the second trimester babies start growing differently based on the genetic makeup, the mother’s health and living conditions. Therefore with each passing day it starts to become more and more difficult to find out the exact date of conception.